Final Exam REVIEW essay questions and answers pt. 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Stuart Kamenetsky

yo1 A Describe the 4 key phases of rehabilitation of adults with acquired brain injury 1EmergencyIntensive care at this point the goal is to keep the person alive and do a CT scan to see if there is bleeding or pressure in the brain2 Hospitalization Keep swelling down in the brain to prevent a coma3 PhysioOccupationalSpeech therapy Physio is used to help if person need to relearn any physical activities eg the brain damage may cause the person to forget how to walk or reach for things so physio can help teach the brain to relearn these muscle movements Occupational therapy used to relearn daily tasks eg brushing your teeth or getting dressed Speech therapy a person may need help learning to talk again or how to use augmentative communication devices 4 Community reintegration group home or independent living If brain injury was less severe it is most likely individual can return back home however if brain injury was more severe they may not be able to return home because their brain injury causes them to forget their family or act violently towards themputting familys life in dangerWhy are behavioral problems so prevalent amongst people with acquired brain injury during community reintegration Their self concept is no longer the same they need to adjust their goals and expectations since they can no longer do the same things they used to do eg they may not be able to return to work because of their injurythis may affect what they think of themselvesFrontal brain injuries often lead to a lack of impulse control eg the person with the injury may no longer be aware of what activities are appropriate which may lead them to cause a scene in publicDynamics of carecontrol in group homes for the most part people working in a group home are young so it may be very difficult and frustrating for the person with the brain injury to have to be looked after by someone less then half their agethey also may be unable to see their family as much if they live in a group home which can be very straining on their lives C What options are available to treat these behavioral problems Are they controversial Why Options involve sedation in an institution or using ABAApplied Behavioral Analysis along with drugs ABA is interested in determining the antecedent behavior and the consequencesso rather th
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