Kamenetsky usually repeats his exam questions, these are a compilation of all previous years short answers for the exam

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Stuart Kamenetsky

1 a Describe the four key phrases of rehabilitation of adults with Acquired Brain InjuryEmergencyintensive care First thing is to treat life and disagreement between parents and medical professionals at this stage Check for breathing then bleeding want to keep individual alive Many patients come in with brain damage ends up in coma the longer the person is in a coma the lesser chance of ppl waking up from the coma Early signals waking up from coma fingereyelid movements Parents and Medical professionals relationship is most strained in this stage Hospitalization may have other health problems aside from brain injury eg rupture spineBring their body back to healthfunctioning start with some rehabilitation not the focus Physiooccupationalspeech therapy Occupational therapy teach them how to use any devices they need eg crutches Speech therapy strokes relearn to speak Physio relearn walking swimming pooleffective because standing up in the swimming pool is less stressful than standing on ground Community reintegration through group homes or independent living growing field in Ontario Have severe brain damages personality changeideally you now go back home but if extent of ABI too severe eg very difficult or violent person then might be put in group home not usually apartment need lots of help but also want to help manage day to day life b Why are behavioral problems so prevalent amongst people with Acquired Brain Injury during community reintegrationSelf concept adjusting goals and expectations of oneself to reduced abilities career family life o Difficult to adjust a person with cognitive impairment cant think straight o Very difficult because those with ABI often lose ability of extensive rationalization so they cant analyze situations in reality properly o One is a wonderful spouse community member parent etc Cant accept that Frontal brain injury often results in lack of impulse control injuries when head hits first forwardo Impulse control personality concept o If the person is an adult and strong strength and is abusive like a 4 yr old danger to the society police gets involvedDynamics of care and control in group homeso Those with ABI dont want to be thereo Revolving staff o Tend to be 20 graduates from high school did 2 years college so they think they know everything about rehabilitation literature evidence these ppl have no responsibility not ready to help these individuals demanding job o Critics claim bribery and intimidation is used as a mean of control These difficulties result in severe behavioural problems
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