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Name Field, Study, Experiment, Philosophy, Findings etc. Mary Ainsworth Developmental Psychology Placed human infants into “stranger situations” in order to examine attachment to parents. When 1-year-old infants were left in the care of a stranger, those parented by sensitive, responsive mothers showed signs of secure attachment. Those parented by insensitive and unresponsive parents showed signs of insecure attachments. Secure attachment meaning children wanted their caregiver and showed signs of stress when separated from them. Solomon Asch Social Psychology Conformity Experiment – adjusting one’s behavior or thinking to coincide with a group standard, even if the group standard is incorrect Albert Bandura Learning and Personality Modeling, Reciprocity – the Bobo Doll – children observed an adult take out their aggression on an inflated doll, and without consequence. When put into a similar situation, the children reacted towards the doll in a similar manner. Also stated the theory that both the environment and thoughts and feelings are the core of what create a personality. Alfred Binet Developmental Psychology and IQ IQ Testing – measured the mental age of a child in relation to their chronological age Mary Calkins History First female president of the American Psychological Association (APA). Established a laboratory at Wellesley College. Noam Chomsky Developmental Psychology and Language Acquisition – Children have inborn, universal Cognition grammar skills. We are born with the hardware necessary for language, and only need experience to learn it. Kenneth Clark History First African-American to serve as the president of the APA. Conducted sociological studies on the effects of prejudices to help overturn racial segregation in schools. Erik Erikson Developmental Psychology Social Stages of Development – Trust Vs. Mistrust, etc. Sigmund Freud Personality and States of Consciousness Psychoanalysis, Psychosexual Stages, Dreams Carol Gilligan Developmental Psychology The differences between girls and boys. Women are more conversational, boys are more aggressive… Harry Harlow Developmental Psychology Infant monkeys and attachment – Monkeys given the choice between a cylinder wrapped in soft cloth and a cylinder with a bottle overwhelmingly chose the soft
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