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Robert Gerlai

Chapter 8 Questions 1 What is anisogamy a It refers to the situation in which two very different types of sex cells fuse together to form a new member of the species In most its a cheap short lived spermy mixed with a large rarer longerlasting egg from a female 2 What is a gender difference related to waiting for more sex a Males dont have to wait but females have to wait until they have raised their kid for a certain length of time 3 What happens when the male is the primary caregiver a Then the female doesnt exhibit this waiting period and they might to EPCs 4 What happens when the ratio of males to females is imbalanced and there exists a rarer sex a The rarer sex is choosier and gets to fuck who they wanna fuck 5 Sexual selection involces what two types of competitive advantages One for each sex a For males its development of the attractive traits b For females its being able to discriminate which of the males to select 6 How do males and females maximize their reproductive output a Males by fucking lots of chicks b Females by fucking guys with good genes to maximize the quality of their offspring and to choose smoeone who may provide more resources 7 Which sex tends to be the choosier and rarer one a females 8 How do they tend to choose mates a Based on traits that may
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