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Robert Gerlai

Psy252 MC Psy252 MC1 Below is a list of points that explains why the comparison of major racial groups with regard to their performance on IQ tests is problematic and potentially why the results of these tests are flawed a Major racial groups are not genetically well defined b Often genetic variability within the racially defined group is larger compared to between racial groups c Phenotypical recording techniques can be biased and in the case of IQ testing may prefer the Caucasian racial group d Environmental effects are not easy to parse outseparate from genetic effects e But even if heritability estimates suggesting very high heritability of IQ test performance were correct the interpretation that stipulates spending money on social programs is a waste is wrong f Genes do not have deterministic effects g If we know about the genetic effects and if we study how these effects are exerted then we can design environmental ex Educational social etc intervention programs to circumvent augment impro
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