Test 2 Short Answer Questions (With Some Answers)

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Robert Gerlai

Psy252 Test Questions and answers 1 Define Heritablity using a mathematical formula and explain the scientific definition as well2heritability h is the ratio between genetic variance v nad total phenotypic variance v which gpconsists of both genetic variance v and environmental variance v gE2 h vv v where vvv ggepegheritability is an estimate of how likely a trait within a population will be passed on at the time in that particular environment also important is that heritability of a trait only describe the currentpresent heritability of a trait and not what it can or will be in the future Also important to note to that its related to a particular population and not a particular individual 2 h can vary from 0100 2 Explain why heritability of 100 does not mean that the phenotypical trait is strictly determined by genes and cannot be modified by the environmentsHeritability is calculated on population so if the environment of the whole population is homogenous then heritability will be big As soon as one modified the environment so that the enviorment is no longer homogenous anymore heritability will decrease This is because genes and the environment interact 3 What does it mean when heritability0 In your answer explain the implication of 0 heritability with regard to the relative importance of gene vs the environment on the manifestation of this particular phenotypical trait 4 Give a real or hypothetical example where heritability100 Explain how this would be possible and what this would means in terms of environmental and gene effects 5 An experimenter decided to test 3 different mouse strains in 7 different situations and analyze the learning capacity of these mice in 7 test situation The results are shown below Please explain whether her results demonstrate the pressure and or absence of genotype x environment action 6 An example of ultradian cycle and define what ultradian means
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