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Robert Gerlai

Chapter 1: Essential Animal Behavior: An introduction Key Points: -the field of animal behavior is diverse and may be studied from a variety of perspectives -it is useful to consider behaviors as adaptations -a single behavior will not serve, or serve the same purpose in all situations, and behaviors are adapted to be effective in the environment of the animal performing them -it is wrong to think of an animal behavior as a general interest or a purely academic subject. The study of animal behavior is an important science which has a clear applied context Cephalopod Inking Behavior -many species of octopus and squid release a cloud of ink into the water forming a dummy squid termed a pseudomorph. -only works in the ocean. Obviously cant be done in air. -some other species wouldnt use the inky-black pseudomorph in deep ocean depth because it wouldnt be seen. So instead they secrete a luminescent ink, creating a brief a flash of light which is thought to confuse a potential predator just long enough for an escape to be affected -this all emphasizes: -behaviors are adaptations which serve specific functions -a single behavior may not serve, or serve the same function in all situations What is behavior? -Behavior is:
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