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Chapter 2: Controlling Behavior: The Role of the Nervous System -It should be obvious from the previous chapter that the behavior of an animal is a complex affair and one that requires a high degree of control and coordination. Of course it must also require information about both the individuals surroundings and its internal state. Although some hormone-mediated short-term control does take place, the proximate (short- term) control of behavior is largely the job of the specialist cells of the nervous system. ***At a proximate level the behaviors animals perform are controlled in part by the activity of the nervous system. This network of specialized cells provides a means of rapid information transfer within the animal, linking sensory input to central processing and motor responses. ***Many types of behavior can be described as reflexes, relatively simple involuntary responses to stimuli. In some cases these stimuli (releasers) are very specific, in other cases they are more general. ***Animals possess a range of strategies to maximize the efficiency of their information gathering, and their behavioral performance. ***It is important to remember that nerves alone do not control behavior, the interaction between animal and environment is vitally important Stimulating a behavior Fixed Action Patterns -A Fixed Action Pattern (FAP) is an instinctive behavior. It is performed perfectly first time, without practice and without any tuition. And always running to completion. And their triggered by a stimulus. This trigger or stimulus is usually referred to as a releasing mechanism or a releaser. -Results of the herring gull experiment 1.have an innate ability to recognize appropriate stimuli 2. that the behavior is an innate reflex released by an appropriate stimulus 3. the chick doesnt need all of the other cues that describe a parent, and that it only focuses upon the stimulus itself
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