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PSYCHOLOGY OF LANGUAGE LECTURE 1WHY STUDY LANGUAGEsome people have difficulty learning spoken or written language developmental disorders or have difficulty with language as a consequence of brain damagewe use lang nearly all the time technology and our cultures would be impossible wo itwe usually think in language WHAT IS HUMAN LANGUAGEa system of symbols and rules that enables us to communicatea structured system for combining words that enables us to communicate to others think about our immediate env or to imaginea cognitive system that links the sensory and cognitive representations this system is comprised of a series of intermediate representations acoustic phonetic lexical syntactic and the processes that link them PROPERTIES OF LANGUAGE language is O communicative O arbitrary O structuredO multilayered O productive O evolutionarypsycholinguistics psychological study of language1 what linguistic knowledge is involved in language usecan be tacit or explicit LANGUAGESOUNDSTRUCTURE MEANING phonology syntaxsemanticsmorphology pragmatics 2 what cognitive processes are involved in language useie perception memory thinkingFOUR LANGUAGE EXAMPLES 1 the novice accepted the deal before he had a chance to check his finances which put him in a state of conflict when he realized he had a straight flush garden path sentencedeal is the ambiguous word a business transactionwith referense to a card game 2 indirect requestsie wash the dishes vs can you wash the dishes 3 language in aphasiaie before I was in the one here I was over in the other one my sister had the department in the other one 4 language acquistion in childrenie a child struggles with her shoe and the mother asks what are you doing the child responds offie child points at her fav toy doll and says doll HISTORY OF PSYCHOLINGUISTICSpsycholoinguists flourished twice o late 1800searly 1900s Europe wundt huey o behaviourism 192050s o mid 1900s us Chomskynoam Chomsky the father of modern linguistics o behaviourists accounts of language were inadequateo ie the behaviourists associative chain theory sentences contain associatied wordscolorless green ideas sleep furiouslygeorge picked up the baby vs george picked the baby up
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