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PSY374 Sample test 2 questions SECTION A Please choose the most correct answer from among the choices. Answer on the scantron sheet provided. You may answer in pencil or pen but DO NOT make any additional marks on your scantron sheets. 1. The lack of invariance refers to the fact that there is no one-to-one correspondence between: a. formant transitions and steady states b. acoustic cues and perceptual experience c. articulatory processes and acoustic cues d. speech signals and neurological processes 2. We use _____ to distinguish between the two meanings of blackbird. a. Intonation b. stress c. both (a) and (b) d. neither (a) nor (b) 3. The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon reveals how words in the mental lexicon are organized: a. categorically b. phonologically c. morphologically d. hierarchically 4. In the Bock and Levelt spreading activation model, the _____ level captures the phonological properties of a word. a. lemma b. lexeme c. morpheme d. basic level 5. In the sentence John found a bat in the attic, the word bat is: a. semantically ambiguous b. lexically ambiguous c. syntactically ambiguous d. lexically autonomous 6. The use of pitch to signify differe
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