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Christine Burton

PSY374 Sample test questions SECTION A Please choose the most correct answer from among the choices. Answer on the scantron sheet provided. You may answer in pencil or pen but DO NOT make any additional marks on your scantron sheets. 1. When we say, “Can you open the door?” instead of “Open the door!” we are using rules of politeness. These rules are part of which aspect of linguistic knowledge? a.syntax b.pragmatics c.phonology d.semantics 2. A representation of how words in a sentence are grouped into larger phrases (i.e., constituents) is known as: a. lexical insertion b. phrase structure c. transformational grammar d. recursion 3. Understanding what a particular word means is the issue of _________, while understanding what a sentence means as a whole is the issue of ___________. a. Lexical semantics; compositional semantics b. Compositional semantics; lexical grammar c. Semantics; synonymy d. Lexical grammar; compositional semantics 4. Memories of childhood vacations are stored in: a. semantic memory b. working memory c. episodic memory d. secondary memory 5. Within cognitive psychology, modularity refers to: a. the degree of independence of the language system from the general information processing system b. the belief that language processing strategies are “wired
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