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Religion Quizes Study Note

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kenneth Derry

Derry: 1. According to Derry, religion “has always had a [a] impact [b] even on people who do not see themselves as [c]. A: severe, world, indigenous. 2. According to Derry, which of the following do all religions have in common? A: Change over time & Syncretism 3. Which of the following points about stories and orality would Derry agree with? A: Relationships appear to be an important aspect of some Indigenous stories about the afterlife & Oral culture are just as capable of philosophical thought and self-reflection as cultures that use writing. 4. According to Derry, which of the following statements regarding Indigenous sacrificial rituals are true? A: Many sacrificial rituals are not primarily about an exchange of gifts & the lodge for the Sun Dance ritual is linked to the creation of the world. 5. Which of the following points appear in Derry’s text? A: In many indigenous stories about creation or tricksters order and life can result from chaos and death & the importance of relationship is evident in many indigenous stories about creations, as well as trickster stories. Nye: 1. Which of the following statements would Malory Nye agree with? A: The world’s religions approach because it tends to classify different traditions. & Religion is what people do. 2. As outline by Nye, criticisms of religion that focus on gender include consideration of which following? A: Religion has been profoundly oppressive and harmful to women & the gods of many religions are male & sacred texts have been publicly interpreted by men & many sacred texts are written by men. 3. According to Nye, what is problematic about the ideas that religion in general is primarily about belief? A: Some traditions may in face put more emphasis on different aspects of religious behaviour such as rituals & this idea universalizes a primarily Christian concept. 4. Which of the following statements would Nye agree with? A: Religious texts are important not just for they say but for how a community uses them. 5. Which of the following statements would Nye agree with? A: Religious organization and identities are often an important part of national identities & the process of hybridity creates traditional religious cultures that are also new and innovative. Fill in the Blank: 1. In the same way that cultural studies may focus on seemingly trivial cultural _icons__, according to Nye, “this cultural approach to _popular_ religion may find itself in the unexpected place of analyzing _club__ music as form of contemporary _popular_ religion. A: listed above. 2. In the film, Crocodile Dundee the main character, states, “_Aborigines__ don’t own the land. They belong to it. This statement may seem harmless, but it is actually similar to a legal concept called terra _Nullius_ that was used to deprive many Indigenous people of their land rights. A: listed. 3. One lesson that Dr. _Clare_ Brants story of the Cree/Mohawk gathering teaches us that the “eyes we see through are the ones we have _Inherited_ from our own _cultures__. 4. Fill in the quote: _They_ said what are we going to do? Then asked themselves, where are we _going_? We are going in search of knowledge _truth_, and justice. A: listed. 5. According to Arnold van Gennep, all rites of passage have three stages. In order of occurrence, these are: _separation_, liminality, _incorporation_. 6. The study of _religious_ text involves both _major_ religious works, and more “minor” or _popular_ texts, including other cultural products such as _films_. A: listed. 7. “The way into the _shrine_ was a round hole at the side of a hill… Worshippers are those who came to seek knowledge from the _god_ crawled on their belly through the hole and found themselves in a dark, endless space in the presence of _Agbala_.” A: listed. 8. Com
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