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Kenneth Derry

Pre Lecture Questions last supper, the congregation drinks wine that represents the blood of were answered in story form by the older people. How we got our 1* Give 4 specific examples of how sports may be connected to Christ 3-Sikh – langar is a vegetarian food service that feeds 80,000/day pipestone, where corn came from and why lightning flashed in the sky, religion 1-The whole sporting event is ritualistic – structured time with – principles of equality, no discrimination 15*Explain how three were all answered in stories‖ 7*According to Arnold van Gennep, all repeated behaviour – singing the national anthem, a procession of different rituals involving Simba are connected to a key belief rites of passage have three stages. In order of occurrence, these are: players, etc 2-Symbolism – uniforms, flags, face-painting 3-Rules are promoted by The Lion King 1-Simba is announced as the new king separation, liminality, and incorporation 8*“They said, what are we like sacred texts 4-In sports, people follow their team (blind faith) even when he‘s a baby, on pride rock 2-Simba always disobeys laws and gets going to do? They asked themselves, where are we going? We are going if their team isn‘t good – some people follow their religion in a similar into trouble (it‘s not what a king would do – reinforces his proper role) in search of knowledge, truth and justice‖ 9*“Today, at Ngarlu her way (blind faith) 2*Explain the “religious” meaning of fire in two 3-Simba‘s rite of passage – separation, liminality, incorporation – vagina remains transformed into rock and the severed stone-penis is still different rituals 1-In Zoroastrianism fire represents purification and confirm him as the true king 16*List 4 diff ways in which the meaning embedded in it‖ 10*“The way in to the shrine was a round hole at the destruction 2- In a Hindu wedding, they walk around a fire, not to keep of a text is not just about the words themselves. 1-Interpretation can side of a hill…Worshippers and those who came to seek knowledge themselves warm but to represent the path they will walk along for the change over time, even official interpretations 2-Text influences from the god crawled on their belly through the hole and found rest of their life as a couple 3-In the Olympics, fire is symbolic (of the behaviour – women wear head coverings, even though it‘s not themselves in a dark, endless space in the presence of Agbala‖ 11*“His games?) and is treated sacredly 3*What is “syncretism” and why is it universally agreed upon with all muslims 3-The physical text is mind if full of change and curve and hope, and he knows it is being a problem for the “world religions” approach? 1- Syncretism is the important (jewish texts are sacred and cannot be touched) 4- lightly tapped. He laughs. Maybe there is the dance, as she says. merging of religious elements 2-Ex. Indigenous religions adopted the Understanding vs content – the story of genesis is not understood by the Creation and change, destruction and change. New marae from the old concept of good/evil (conflict dualism) from Europeans 3- World masses, adam and eve were kicked out for eating the apple god told marae, a beginning from the end.‖ 12* In the same way that cultural religions approach – defines by certain aspects/categories, takes it out of them not to eat, god kicked them out bc if they ate from the tree of life studies may focus on seemingly trivial cultural Icons, "according to Nye, its environment – problem: they‘re actually blurred around the edges, they could live forever 17*What does AJ Jacobs' experience tell us ―this cultural approach to Popular religion may find itself in the we can‘t understand how religions are practiced differently around the about sacred texts in terms of context, cafeterias and authority. 1- unexpected place of analyzing -Club music (or any other forms of world 4*How might a sacred text be considered both religious and Context – we can‘t follow the bible bc it was written for a different time music) as a form of contemporary Popular religion 13* The study of non-religious? 1-We must look at the text in the cultural context 2-The – we can‘t follow all the rules – slavery was okay back then 2-Cafeteria Religious texts involves both Major religious works, and more ‗minor‘ Bible is a sacred text that is mass produced – physical objects have religion – we pick and choose which rules to follow 3-Authority – who or Popular texts, including other cultural products such as Films. .‖ 14* certain religious meaning to certain people 3-The Red Willows poem is wrote the bible? – is god the author? – assuming intentionality, we don‘t According to Edward Tylor, religion is ―the belief in spiritual beings‖ non-religious because the man eats too much bear meat and gets sick – really understand what god meant 18*Give 3 ex's of indigenous art or 15* According to Derry, ―how we think about religion is also often a it‘s religious because it talks about supernatural aspects like Nanabush architecture that demonstrate the idea that "what you see is not key element in how we see ourselves, and how we think about, and fighting the bear and shaping the landscape 5*Using James Cox’s what you get" 1-What you see is not what you get – the art has been interact, with the world in general.‖ definition, explain how something can be both religious AND not consumed by the same process that brought it into being 2-Malagan 16* There was a dreaming man named Linjiplinjipi of the Jungari religious? 1-It is impossible to falsify religious propositions, they are death rituals – the creation of and burning of delicate sculptures made subsection at this site. He had adorned his body with Ngarlu and was untouchable and immeasurable – just because something can‘t be from wood, bark, feathers 3-Navajo sand paintings – erased the day they spinning Hairstring. proven scientifically doesn‘t mean it‘s also religious, and vice versa 2-In are made to perform their healing function 4-African shrine may contain Matching indigenous stories, they step outside the physical realities, but they are only small, plain, simple human-shaped carvings, but the community 1* Please match idea from Nye’s chapter on “Gender” with the also about non-religious messages like relationships and learning lessons understands ancestors or spirits inhabit the figures and they become appropriate corresponding theorist. 1-Mary Daly: God (as an object 3-Wine is religious in a Christian church mass representing the blood of visible manifestations of those gods 19*Using 3 ex's, show how of belief) can be reduced to patriarchal oppression 2-Judith Butler: Christ, but in the normal world, it‘s just wine 6*Give two examples elements of visual culture relate to the belief promoted by The Lion Gender is a powerful discourse that creates the sense by which we showing how the internet may be helping to cause religious King. 1-The cover – Mufasa is highest bc he‘s king, hyenas are lowest define and understand the bodies we live in 3- Michel Foucault: where hybridity and change. 1-Wedding video using popular music during a in picture and in rank 2-Simba is ―anointed‖ as king, he has a big mane there is power, there is resistance. 4-Hala Shukrallah: women are often Christian ceremony 2-Social media talked about #muslimrage and 3- he pride lands are dark and baren when Scar is king, and green and given the task of symbolically representing traditional value 5-Gayatri people became more aware of muslims that are all over the world – lush when it has its proper ruler 20* Explain why a decline in Spivak: the subaltern cannot speak 2*Match the idea with ritual with making fun of how muslims are viewed as terrorists 7*Explain attendance at formal religious services may NOT indicate a decline the most appropriate theorist: 1-Victor Turner: symbols are the Althusser’s ideas about “repressive state apparatus” and in religion overall 1-Transnational migration 2-globalization (increased lowest form of ritual 2-Catherine Bell: We should avoid using the term “interpellation” using lyrics from today’s song 1-Repressive state flow of people, goods, information, technology) 3-nationalism (linked to ―ritual‖ if possible 3-Maurice Block: ritual is a type of language 4- apparatus – a ruling group exercising power over the population - army, religious identity) 4-hybridity (creates traditional religious cultures that Emile Durkheim: the performance of ritual creates relationships police, prisons, courts, governments which act through, force, violence, are simultaneously new and innovative) 5- multiculturalism, between people in a society 5-Arnold van Gennep: ritual actions often and threat of violence 2-Interpellation – when people unknowingly secularization (the decline of religion) 6-privatization (practicing work to transform people‘s concepts of time, space and society participate in their own exploitation without realising they are being individually) 7-feminism, new religious movements 8-Religion is not 3* Match the piece of visual culture with the context or belief that oppressed 3-Lupe Fiasco daydreamin‘ – the crooked police are the just defined by share ethnicity now 9-Descendants of migrants make determines an important part of its meaning repressive state apparatus and the people are participating in their own adaptions and change the context of their traditions 10-Religious 1- Navajo Hogan: views about the creation of the world oppression by doing and producing drugs (keeps them in the hood) practices change over time 11-Religion is now less clearly defined 12- 2-Epa mask: ritual celebrating male passage into adulthood 3-Bunu 8*How do contract issues in Long Island and the Big Bang Theory The way we participate in religions is less traditional, the essence is still cloth: symbolic meaning of ―white‖ 4-Representation of relate to Foucault? 1-Foucault – power, discourse, and knowledge are similar 21*Briefly describe 4 examples of specific Indigenous Krishna made from dung: religious attitude towards cows 5-Pomo interconnected – whoever has more knowledge has more power, etc. 2- religions taking on modern forms 1-Yoruba god of war – now spirit baskets: personal visions 6-Maori carving of Tihori: symbolic Contracts – a form of discourse (communication) and a kind of associated with the protection of welders, car mechanics, and chauffeurs meaning of koru design 4*Match the name with the appropriate knowledge – agreements are forms of power (responsibilities and 2-After colonialism, stories of tricksters – imitated colonizing practices, event, idea, title, etc. 1-Ogun: welders, car mechanics, and chauffeurs consequences) 3-Eruv – a Jewish Orthodox group was given permission they can appear in non-traditional guises as politicians, university 2-Desmond Tutu: Ubuntu 3-Wovoka: Ghost Dance 4-Keri Hulme: the to make an imaginary ritual enclosure around the city which allowed teachers, and females 3-Men are now weaving ritual baskets – balanced bone people 5-Nongqawuse: cattle massacre 6-Handsome Lake: them to do work on Sabbath and religious holidays (making a loophole gender representation 4- Moko – now female moko artists – they can Longhouse religion in the Jewish laws – Jewish law prohibits doing any kind of work on the have full moko and not just on lips or lower face 5-Mass-produced 5* Match the idea with the theories from Nye’s text. 1-Michel Sabbath, including pushing strollers) – The Eruv is manipulating and fabric now – Bunu still weave by hand for special occasions Foucault: what we see as the author is a creation of our own changing the contract Jews make in their religion with God 4- BBT – Online Quizzes understanding, a creation that helps us to give meaning to text. 2- Howard has contracts with his mother and with Bernadette (mother-son True and False 1* According to Nye, all cultures have a word that Roland Barthes: there is no authoritative meaning of a text that vs husband-wife) – but he breaks those contracts by telling them two has the same meaning as the English word “religion.” False 2*Vine depends on the author‘s intention. different things (he told bernadette that he told his mother he was going Deloria, Jr., suggests, the main problem involved with non- 3-Jacques Derrida: language not only describes reality, but in fact to move out, but he didn‘t really tell her) 9* Give 4 examples of how Indigenous scholars talking about Indigenous religion and culture is there is no reality outside of language. 4-Judith Fetterley: what is specific gender stereotypes are reinforced in The Big Bang Theory. one of power and control. True 3*Nye agrees with Althusser’s view considered classic literature consists mainly of works written by and for 1- Stereotype of women‘s bodies being objectified and sexy (all the that it is virtually impossible to escpae the power of ideolgy, which is men. 5- Hugh Pyper: the bible has exerted more influence on western guys are covered from head to toe and penny wears skirts and short the power to trap us into subjugation while at the same time making culture than any other book. 6-Max Muller: religious text represent the sleeves) 2- Stereotype – women like to talk about relationships and guys us think we are free. False 4*According to Nye, considerations of authentic doctrine of a religion‘s founders and their disciples want to talk about sports and drink beer (reversed in BBT – leonard gender highlight some of the weaknesses of traditional ways of What Nye agrees with wants to talk about relationship and penny wants to watch sports and studying religion (such as the focus on sacred rituals, beliefs, and 1* Which of the following statements would Malory Nye agree with? drink beer) 3- Stereotype – women care about giving presents texts) True 5*Gender roles in Indigenous culture were almost always 1-The study of religion can help us understand the contemporary world. (bernadette‘s bridal shower) 4-Stereotype – women like holding hands very rigid and inflexible False 6*It was the German philosopher 2-Religion is what people do 3-The ―world religions‖ approach is (amy at the movies with sheldon) 5-Stereotype – only men are interested Ludwig Feuerbach who first proposed that, if horses could draw, problematic because it tends to classify different traditions (e.g., in sex (reversed in BBT – amy talks about sex almost like men do, and their gods would look like horses False 7*There is good evidence to Christianity, Hinduism, etc.) as entirely distinct from one another 4- The sheldon is not interested in sex) 10* Explain the connection between support Carl Jung’s theory that there are some fundamental religion that a person practices will always be influenced by that religion, GQ, and recent problems in Bet Shemesh, Israel. 1-Lana del symbols with meanings shared by all people False 8*According to person‘s culture. Rey was the only woman on the cover of GQ and was naked – women‘s Nye, the study of religious texts involves both traditional works like 2* As outlined by Nye, criticisms of religion that focus on gender bodies are objectified 2- Bet Shemesh – 8-year old girl was spat on and the Gita, as well as popular cultural products such as films. True include consideration of the following? 1-many sacred texts were harassed bc ultra-orthodox jews thought she dressed immodestly 3- 9*S. Brent Plate would agree with the following statement: Tastes in written by men 2-religions have been profoundly oppressive and Gender constructions in media make women appear sexualized, gender art are not culturally constructed nor are they associated with harmful to women 3-sacred texts have been publicly interpreted by men constructions in religion make women dress modestly 11*What lesson socioeconomic status. False 10* “Cargo cults” get their name from 4-the gods of many religions are male 3* Which of the following can we learn about essay writing from Penny’s response to seeing the kind of pants worn by practitioners” False 11* as Vine Deloria, statements about belief would Nye agree with? 1-there may be Leonard and Alex together? 1-Essay writing – say what you really Jr., suggests the main problem involved with non-Indigenous reasons for certain behaviours that have nothing to do with belief think, be clear and concise, follow the data, be objective 2-Penny reacts scholars talking about indigenous religion and cultures is that such 4*According to Nye, what is problematic about the idea that by following feeling instead of reason 12*"All religions essentially scholars are outsider s to community False 12* it is more important religion in general is primarily about belief? 1-The idea universalizes believe the same thing." Discuss. 1-Religions don‘t believe anything – to use jargon and complex language in an academic essay than to a primarily Christian concept 2- some traditions may in fact put more people do 2-Belief is not a proper way to analyze religions because it is support your argument with evidence. False 13* According to Nye emphasis on different aspects of religious behavior, such as ritual 3-The based on Protestantism – all religions don‘t have the term belief 3-All considerations of gender highlight some of the weaknesses of meaning of the English word ―Belief‖ itself is highly ambiguous 4- major religions have problems and solutions (golden rules) 13*Explain tradition ways of studying religion (such as the focus on sacred There are no words in some languages that can be effectively translated the difference between cognitive and effective beliefs, with reference rituals, beliefs, and text) True into the English word ―Belief‖ 5*Which of the following statements to horror movies and Sheldon from BBT. 1-Cognitive vs effective Fill in the Blanks 1* According to Derry, religion ―has always had a would Nye agree with? 1-the process of hybridity creates traditional beliefs – what you think you believe vs how your actions portray your critical impact on the world, even on people who do not see themselves religious cultures that are also new and innovative 2-religious beliefs 2-A person who is an atheist doesn‘t believe in god or the devil, as religious‖ 2*“The people who have control of your stories, control organization and identities are often an important part of national but they are still frightened by the devil themes in horror movies 3- your voice, also have control of your destiny, your culture‖ 3* Malory identities 6* In the last chapter of Nye’s text, which forces does he Sheldon believes he is a scientist, but he doesn‘t actually abide by the Nye points to watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an example of a identify as shaping contemporary religious traditions? 1-nationalism, rules and facts of science, he believes he is the smartest person 14*How type of ―activity which may have spiritual or religious meanings‖ and is multiculturalism, ethnicity, transnationalism, globalization do rituals from three traditions (Maori, Christian, Sikh) reinforce deeply embedded in contemporary cultures‖ 4*In the film Crocodile 7* Which of the following statements would Nye agree with? 1- community and relate to sacred texts? 1-Maori – female weave Dundee the main character states, ―Aborigines don‘t own the land. They Religious texts are important not just for what they say, but for how a together in a community, daughter of the lightening god brought belong to it.‖ This statement may seem harmless, but is is actually community uses themMatch the idea with the theorist (from Nye‘s text) weaving to humanity, the colours represent the basic forces of creation similar to legal concept called terra nullius that was used to deprive 2-Michel Foucault: what we see as the author is a creation of our own (black is the darkness from which the earth emerged, while is the many Indigenous people of their land rights.5* One lesson that Dr. understanding, a creation that helps us give meaning to a text 3-Roland energies that make life possible, red is the physical world itself) – the Clare Brant’s story of the Cree/Mohawk g
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