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Kenneth Derry

RLG Quiz Questions & Answers Quiz #1: 1) According to Nye, all cultures have a word that has the same meaning as the English word “religion.” False 2) Which of the following statements would Malory Nye agree with?  The study of religion can help us understand the contemporary world.  Religion is what people do The “world religions” approach is problematic because it tends to classify different traditions (e.g., Christianity, Hinduism, etc.) as entirely distinct from one another 3) According to Derry, religion “has always had a _________impact on the__________, even on people who do not see themselves as _____________” critical world religious 4) According to Derry, which of the following do ALL religions have in common? Syncretism 5) Which of the statements are true, according to the course syllabus? all suspected cases of academic dishonesty will be investigated following procedures outlined in UofT’s Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters If you submit an assignment that shows an understanding of the subject matter, and the ability to develop solutions to simple problems in the material, you will receive a grade between 60 and 69 the first essay for this course is due on October 19 Quiz #2: 1) “The _____ who have control of your stories, control your _______, also have control of your destiny, your _________” people voice culture 2) Which of the following would represent examples of “ideal” culture in sense that Raymond Williams uses the term? The New Testament Hamlet  The Dome of the Rock  Claude Monet RLG Quiz Questions & Answers 3) Malory Nye points to watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an example of a type of “activity which may have ________ or religious meanings” and is deeply ________ in contemporary cultures”  spiritual embedded 4) As Vine Deloria, Jr., suggests, the main problem involved with non-Indigenous scholars talking about Indigenous religion and culture is one of power and control.  True 5) Which of the following illustrates Stuart Hall’s views on power and popular culture?  only a and b above Quiz #3: 1) Nye agrees with Althusser’s view that it is virtually impossible to escpae the power of ideolgy, which is the power to trap us into subjugation while at the same time making us think we are free.  False 2) In the film Crocodile Dundee the main character states, “Aborigines don’t own the land. They _____ to it.” This statement may seem harmless, but is is actually similar to legal concept called ________ nullius that was used to deprive many Indigenous people of their land rights. belong terra 3) Which of the following ideas fit the perspective of Michel Foucault? power shapes discources, and through these discourses knowledge is constructed when we live under conditions of constant surveillance, we come to participate in systems of control over oursleves 4) The author of which children’s book once called for the extermination of Native American people?  The Wizard of Oz 5) Which word refers to the complex means by which those are ruled over come to accept and feel they have a stake in the powers that are eploiting and controlling them? Hegemony Quiz #4: 1) True or false: According to Nye, considerations of gender highlight some of the weaknesses of traditional ways of studying religion (such as the focus on sacred rituals, beliefs, and texts) true RLG Quiz Questions & Answers 2) As outlined by Nye, criticisms of religion that focus on gender include consideration of the following? many sacred texts were written by men religions have been profoundly oppressive and harmful to women sacred texts have been publicly interpreted by men the gods of many religions are male 3) Please match idea from Nye’s chapter on “Gender” with the appropriate corresponding theorist.  Mary Daly: God (as an object of belief) can be reduced to patriarchal oppresion  Judith Butler: Gender is a powerful discourse that creates the sense by which we define and understand the bodies we live in  Michel Foucault: where there is power, there is resistance.  Hala Shukrallah: women are often given the task of symbolically representing traditional values Gayatri Spivak: the subaltern cannot speak 4) Gender roles in Indigenous culture were almost always very rigid and inflexible False 5) One lesson that Dr. ____________ Brant’s story of the Cree/Mohawk gathering teaches us that the “eyes we see through are the ones we have _________ from our own_________”  Clare inherited cultures Quiz #5 1) Which of the following statements would require source documentation? According to Dr. Fancy McPants, the most important religious text ever discovered is the famous “Planters Sutra,” which explores the spiritual dimensions of lightly roasted peanuts. most scholars agree that Justin Bieber has demonstrated virtually no understanding of medieval Islamic philosophy in the words of the great poet, “My feet hurt”  Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses in the year 1517 2) Which of the following is an accurate description of a thesis statement?  Answers b and c only 3) Finish the sentence: “Academic writing should…”  present the reader with an informed argument be written clearly and concisely, avoiding unnecessary jargon and overly complex language whenever possible 4) Which of the following terms likely represents an example of biased language?  female chef RLG Quiz Questions & Answers mankind 5) Which of the following constitute an academic offense? a and c only Quiz #6 1) Luther Standing Bear recalled: “Many of these questions were answered in ________ form by the older people. How we got our _____, where _______ came from and why ________ flashed in the sky, were all answered in stories” story pipestone corn ligh
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