RLG101H5 Study Guide - Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Wu-Tang Clan, Mysterium Tremendum

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Published on 14 Jan 2014
Lecture # Song Theorist/Theories/Ideas
1 Incubus - Dig *Clifford Geertz - Thick description
E.B. Tylor - primitive = more original (More primitive a religion is, the more original it is.)
*Emile Durkheim - religion as a social glue (Brings society together)
*Max Weber - religion as a social motivator (Time of the bourgeois/ Industrial age)
Friedrich Schleiermacher - Feeling
Rene Descartes - cognitive ergo sum (I think therefore I am)
Rudolph Otto - mysterium tremendum
* Theorist dealing with functionalism
2 Wu Tang Clan -
Anders Breivik - not a theorist, however he was a subject of study. Norwegian killer (77 casualties)
Ancient Religions - believed in a almighty deity. Consequences for actions. Rituals of purification. Sacred Texts
J.Z. Smith - no essential core to religion. Rather it is a cluster of features, and certain religions can overlap, but
not be exactly the same
Malory Nye - Religion is a plural. Religions are practiced differently in different countries
Pastor Theresa - Was an atheist, yet strived to help the poor. Is she considered religious?
Peter Berger - Externalization (Humans objectifying their inner thoughts.) Objectivation (Product takes form)
Internalization (The product affects humans) Example: Churches
Sigmund Freud - Relationship between father and son, is the same as between deity and there people
3 Culture Lady Gaga -
Poker Face
Clifford Geertz - culture is like a web. Humans weaves culture/web but is also bounded by it
Raymond Williams - Ideals/Elite Culture . People/products that are "cultured" are elite.
Pierre Bourdieu - Habitus. The lifestyle, norms and expectations of people
Stuart Hall - Popular culture. Contrasts elite culture. Is what is well-liked by the masses.
4 Power Rage against
Machines - Wake
Panopticon - constant surveillance, where the people are not aware if they are being watched, but operate under
the assumption that they are.
Althusser - repressive state of apparatus (police) Ideological state apparatus (Education) and interpellation
(active participation of self exploitation, through delusion of control)
Foucault - Power + Knowledge + Discourse
Gramschi - Hegemony - the delusion that power relations are natural. Individuals are exploited into thinking that
they have a sliver of control in government control matters.
5 Gender 311 - Amber Androcentrism - The idea that masculinity
Gender Roles in religious societies. How many religious leaders have been female?
Patriarchy = "Male Rule"
Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza - Hermeneutics of suspicion. Feminist theory allows people to see the world in a
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