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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kenneth Derry

Essay Grading Rubric A: Excellent B: Good C: Adequate D: Marginal F: Inadequate Response Contains all Contains most Contains some Contains few Does not address required required elements. required elements. required question or task. to Task elements. Few errors in Some errors in elements. Fundamental No formatting formatting. formatting. Many errors in errors in errors. Few errors in Some errors in formatting. formatting. No errors in source source Many errors in Fundamental source documentation. documentation. source errors in source documentation. documentation. documentation. Insightful, originalStrong analysis Simple analysis Very little No analysis. Analysis analysis. that often goes that at times goes analysis. Use of theory Excellent use/ beyond obvious or beyond obvious or Some use of absent or wholly understanding of surface meanings. surface meanings. theory, but incorrect. theory. Good use/ Use of theory insufficient No discernible Essay fully understanding of adequate in some and/or incorrect thesis. controlled by theory. ways, but not all. in several ways. precise, well- Thesis appropriate General thesis or Thesis is vague defined thesis. to the essay, but controlling idea is or not central to may lack some evident, but key essay. precision. elements unclear. Support/ Fully supports all Supports most Supports some Provides Fails to support Argument arguments with arguments with arguments with insufficient/ arguments with relevant relevant evidence limited, but irrelevant evidence or evidence and and clear, adequate evidence and/or reasoning (essay well-developed, consistent evidence and poor reasoning to consists almost persuasive reasoning. reasoning (essay support several entirely of reasoning. contains too much key arguments description or
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