RLG101H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Vine Deloria Jr., Pee-Wee Herman, Luther Standing Bear

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5 Dec 2011
According to Derry, “how we think about religion is also often a key element in how we see [a] ourselves, and how we think about, and [b]
interact, with the world in general.”
Which of the following statements are true, according the course syllabus? You are expected to contribute at least five significant comments on
Blackboard over the duration of the course & the essays for this course must be submitted through both Blackboard and Turnitin.com
According to Nye, the word “religion” does not translate easily into some other languages. (True)
Which of the following do ALL religions have in common? (Change over time)
Which of the following statements would Nye agree with? The “world religions” approach is problematic because it tends to classify different
traditions as distinct from one another
Vine Deloria, Jr., suggests that the main problem involved with non-Indigenous scholars talking about Indigenous religion & culture isn’t that they are
outsiders to the community
The people who have control of your [a] stories, control of your voice, also have control of your [b] destiny, your culture.”
Which of the following illustrates Stuart Hall’s views on power and popular culture? (Elite vs popular)
“In the same way that cultural studies may focus on seemingly trivial cultural [a] icons,” according to Nye, “this cultural approach to[b]
popular religion may find itself in the unexpected place of analysing [c] club music (or any other forms of music) as a form of
contemporary [d] popular religion.”
Which of the following would represent examples of “ideal” culture in the sense that Raymond Williams uses the term? Michelangelo, Beethoven, the
Nye disagrees with Althusser’s view that it is virtually impossible to escape the power of ideology, the power to trap us into subjugation while making
us think we are free.
The author of which children’s book once called for the extermination of Native American people? (Wizard of Oz)
Crocodile Dundee[a] Aborigines don’t own the land. They belong to it.” is similar to the concept terra [b] nullius that was used to deprive
Indigenous people of land rights
Which of the following ideas fit the perspective of Michel Foucault? Power shapes discourses, and through these discourses knowledge is constructed,
when we live under conditions of constant surveillance, we come to participate in systems of control over ourselves
Hegemony refers to the complex means by which those who are ruled over come to accept and feel they have a stake in the powers that are
exploiting and controlling them
Gender roles in Indigenous cultures were almost always very rigid and inflexible (false)
One lesson that Dr. [a] Clare Brant’s story of the Cree/Mohawk gathering teaches us is that the “eyes we see through are the ones we have [b]
inherited from our own [c] culture."
God can be reduced to patriarchal oppression (Daly)/ Gender is a powerful discourse that creates the sense by which we define and understand the
bodies we live in. (butler)/ Where there is power, there is resistance. (Foucault)/ Women are often given the task of symbolically representing
traditional values (Shukrallah)/ The subaltern can’t speak (Spivak)
According to Nye, considerations of gender highlight some of the weaknesses of traditional ways of studying religion (such as the focus on sacred
rituals, beliefs, and texts).
As outlined by Nye, criticisms of religion that focus on gender include consideration of which of the following? Many sacred texts were written by men,
the gods of many religions are male, sacred texts have been publicly interpreted by men, religions have been profoundly oppressive and harmful to
Which of the following statements require source documentation? In the words of the great poet, “My feet hurt.” Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses
in the year 1517. According to Susan McNab, Buddhism’s main contribution to religious thought is the use of botanical symbolism. Scholars agree
that Pee Wee Herman had no understanding of Biblical hermeneutics
“Academic writing should be analytical, rather than personal and present the reader with an informed argument.”
It is less important to use jargon and complex language in an academic essay than to support your argument with evidence
Which of the following terms likely represents an example of biased language? (Mankind and female chief)
According to Edward [a] Tylor, religion is “the belief in [b] spiritual beings.”
It was the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach who first proposed that, if horses could draw, their gods would look like horses. (False)
Luther Standing Bear recalls: “Many of these questions were answered in [a] story form by the older people. How we got our [b] pipestone,
where [c] corn came from and why [d] lightning flashed in the sky, were all answered in stories.”
Which of the following points about stories and orality would Derry agree with? Relationships appear to be an important aspect of some Indigenous
stories about the afterlife, Oral cultures are just as capable of philosophical thought and self-reflection as cultures that use writing
Symbols are the lowest form of ritual (Turner)/ We should avoid using the term ritual if possible (Bell)/ Ritual is a type of language (Bloch)/ The
performance of ritual creates relationships between people in a society (Durkheim)/ Ritual actions often work to transform people’s concepts of time,
space and society
According to Arnold van Gennep, all rites of passage have three stages. In order of occurrence, these are: [a]separation, liminality, and [b]
Fill in the missing parts of this quote: “We will arrive on earth[a]knowledgeable. We will arrive on earth in [b]beauty. We are searching for [c]
knowledge continuously.
According to Derry, which of the following statements regarding Indigenous sacrificial rituals are true? If necessary, the Nuer people of Africa can
replace the sacrificial ox with a cucumber and the lodge for the Sun Dance ritual is linked to the creation of the world
There is little evidence to support Carl Jung’s theory that there are some fundamental symbols with meanings shared by all people
“The way into the [a] shrine was a round hole at the side of a hill . . . Worshippers and those who came to seek knowledge from the [b] god crawled
on their belly through the hole and found themselves in a dark, endless space in the presence of [c] Agbala.”
Views about the creation of the world (Navajo Hogan)/ Ritual celebrating male passage into adulthood (Epa mask)/ Symbolic meaning of white (Bunu
cloth)/ Religious attitudes towards cows (representation of Krishna made from dung)/ personal visions (Pomo spirit baskets)/ symbolic meaning of
koru design (Maori carving of Tihori)
Which of the following is NOT one of the components of the “field of vision” that S. Brent asserts we must consider? The identity of those who own the
S. Brent Plate would agree with the following statement: Tastes in art are culturally constructed and invariably associated with socioeconomic status
According to the course texts, which of the following statements are true? Relationships are very important to Indigenous creative work
In the last chapter of Nye’s text, which forces does he identify as shaping contemporary religious traditions? Nationalism, multiculturalism, ethnicity,
transnationalism, globalization.
“His mind is full of change and [a]curve and hope, and he knows it is being lightly tapped. He laughs. Maybe there is the [b]dance, as she says.
Creation and [c]change, [d] destruction and change. New marae from the old [e] marae, a beginning from the end.”
“Cargo cults” get their name from the kind of pants worn by the practitioners (False)
Car mechanics & chauffeurs(Ogun)/Ubuntu(Desmond Tutu)/Ghost Dance(Wovoka)/The Bone People(Hulme)/cattle massacre(Nongqawuse)/Longhouse
religion (Handsome Lake)
Nye would agree with: The process of hybridity creates traditional religious cultures that are also new & innovative, religious identities are often an
important part of national identities
Lecture Questions
Give 2 examples from photos in which there is a link between ritual and memory (Jack Layton’s memorial service and hurricane Irene)
List 4 ways in which the film Thor may be connected to religion (Thor is a Jesus figure- rebirth and acts as a savoir, the Gods are humanized- humility,
rites of passage, Garden of Eden)
How do 2 different films show the relationship between religion & culture (Spiderman> Christ figure in crucifixion, resurrection, lone savoir/ Ikiru>
Buddhist Japanese, self improvement
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