RLG101H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sigmund Freud, Inta

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Published on 3 Oct 2014
Chapter 1- Religion: Some Basics
First defining moment of 21st century occurred at 9 a.m. in New York on September 11th,
2001 Jet airplanes and tall steel and glass skyscrapers key images of modernity
Since 9/11 clear that religion is part and parcel of unfolding of 21st century
Religion: something that humans do, and so study of religion is primarily concerned with
people and cultures
The Basics: Religion and Culture
For many, religion is: something that involves going to church, reading and reflecting on
certain sacred texts, believing and having faith, performing certain ritual practices, and
living in certain way
Religion very often impacts on levels of life
Culture influenced by the predominant religion of society
Religion person practices always influenced by cultural context and location
Should not analyze it and set aside
Practitioners of religions may consider abstract and transcendent issues to be most central
aspects of their religion
Religion is integral to other aspects of cultural activity
Religion: both set of ideas and beliefs that people can engage with
Study of religion: understanding how religion may be an important element of how
people across the world may manifest their differences
Religion is cross-cultural  how certain religions are different in other countries
Search for ultimate truths and answers
Require element of scholarly agnosticism we should only claim competence in field of
experience which is known: the human world
Human-centered approach: study of religion as human practice, activity that appears to be
integral to all humans
Human practices are not human creations; maybe divinely inspired
Theology: study of religion on such religious (faith-centered) basis
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