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RLG Final Exam QuestionsPART A LECTURE 15151 Abraham means the GREATER FATHER of ANCESTOR of a multiple of nations a symbol of absolute faith he is the first monotheist prophetAbraham was born in UR in Mesopotamia IRAQ 1850 BCE who migrated with his father TERAH to HARAN He was asked by prophetic call from God to go away from his country and serve the rest of the worldHe migrated with his wife SARAH to Israel but due to famine HEBREWS fled to EgyptHe had a child ISHMAELJudaism Christianity and Islam are sometimes referred to as the Abraham religionsIn the Hebrew bible and Koran Abraham is described as a patriarch blessed by god For the Jewish he is the father of the people of Israel through his son ISAAC In Christianity Abraham is a model of faith his intentions to obey god by offering up Isaac is seen as a foreshadowing of gods offering of his son Jesus2 Abraham made a covenent with God in Genesis A covenent is a contrast between God and a person that expresses the relationship between god and people part of the worldThe covenent involves god as the superior party to have grace on his part and the human partners to obey god in return for his protection to make of him and his followers a great nationThe Covenent is a favor of God initiating his blessings love and most importantly his guidanceSince Abraham made a covenent with God he experienced prophetic experience where God renamed Abram to Abraham meaning the ANCESTOR of a multitude of nations God asked Abraham to send a message3 The first encounter of Moses at Mount Sinai as it appears in the Hebrew bible Moses is seen as a prototype of the prophet where Moses experiences the awe feeling of prophetic experience God called Moses out of a bush and told him come no closer God declared him to remove his sandals as he is standing on holy ground God tells Moses how he is the God of his fathers the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Here the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of a bushIn the Quran Moses is viewed as the chosen one a messenger and a prophet Here it is believed Moses perceived a fire in the direction of the Mount where once he came to the Mount he was called by a voice from the tree Moses I am ALLAH lord of the worlds When Moses saw it move as if it were a serpent he
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