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David Miller

2. Describe the PROPHETIC EXPERIENCE of MOSES with GOD (YHWH) at Mount Sinai, as it appears in the Hebrew Bible. How does this story differ from MOSES encounter with GOD (ALLAH) in the QURAN? In the Hebrew Bible Moses first encounter with God was when he was tending a flock of sheep at Mount Sinai. There the angel of the Lord appeared in a flame of fire out of a bush. God called to Moses out of the bush and told Moses that he was the God of the patriarchs. Moses in a state of fear hides his face and asks God for his name to which God tells Moses not to question his will. In the Quran it is stated that Moses was with his family rather than a flock of sheep. While out Moses saw a fire in the direction of Mount Sinai, which turned out to be a tree rather than a bush. Allah than reveals himself to Moses and made Moses rod move like a serpent, which results Moses running away in fear. Allah calls Moses back and informs Moses that those who follow Allah would be triumphant. Both accounts share the elements of fear and awe of the prophetic experience. The prophetic experience of Moses with God (YHWH) at Mount Sinai, in the Hebrew Bible is different from the encounter with God (Allah) in the Quran. The experience at Mount Sinai, according to the Hebrew Bible, Moses was tending to a flock of sleep, when he came to the mountain. It was there that Moses saw a bush ablaze in which an angel of the lord appeare
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