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Lecture Question 3/4 - exam

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David Miller

3. Describe in detail the second encounter of MOSES with GOD (YHWH) at Mount Sinai after the EXODUS of the Hebrews from EGYPT. How might you characterize this religious encounter? In the Hebrew Bible: Moses was tending a flock of sheep, when he saw a blazing bush on fire, but was not consumed. The angel of God appeared from within the bush, and Moses was in awe. A voice called out saying, Moses! and Moses responded by saying, Here I am! the voice said. Do not come closer, without taking off your sandals, as you are stepping on holy ground the god of patriarchs was not seen because Moses was too afraid to look as he was overcome with fear. Moses then asked, if he went to the Israelites and told them he was sent by God, and if they ask, What was his name, what am I supposed to say? Upon hearing this god said, I am who I am telling Moses to never question him or his commandments again and to go and free the people in Egypt. In the Quran: Moses sets out with his family, and sees a fire in the direction of Mount Sinai. As he comes closer to the fire, a voice calls out to him, Moses, I am Allah, Lord of the worlds. Put down thy rod. When Moses dropped his rod, it turned into a serpent. Upon watching this, Moses turned around and ran without looking back, only to be called back again. God said. do not fear for you are secure in faith. Similarities: Both the accounts share the prophetic experience characteristics that god is the wholly other, transcendent mysterious tremendum via fire which caused awe and fear
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