Lecture Question 5/6 - exam

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21 Mar 2011

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5. In MATTHEW 16, Jesus asks his disciples Who do you say that I am?Only PETER
knew the symbolic meaning of the title, CHRIST. What did CHRIST mean in Jewish
tradition and how has Christian tradition interpreted the title, CHRIST?
Peter called Jesus, Christ, or in other words, the son of the living God. Jesus states that
Peter will be the rock upon which he will build his church because Peter knows who Jesus really
is, as this was revealed to him by God. The Jews think of Christ as the Messiah, or the military
and spiritual leader who will free the people in Egypt and bring them back to the kingdom on
David. But Jesus was not the military messiah the Jews had expected. Instead he was more of a
suffering messiah who suffers to deliver the teachings and ways of God. The Christian religion
takes its name from Christ, as a title to Jesus of Nazareth. The Christians view Christ as the
human and divine son of God who is sent upon earth to cleanse the sins of the human race.
Therefore, Christ is seen as a sacrificial messiah for the Christians, while the Jews still wait for
their military messiah to come and take them back to the kingdom o n David.
6. In the New Testament JESUS CHRIST created two important PROPHETIC experiences,
one to Peter, James and John in Matthew 17, and the other to Paul (known as Saul) in Acts
9. Briefly describe the key elements of each experience.
The first prophetic experience
-Jesus created his first prophetic experience through transfiguration to Peter, James, and
John in Matthew 17.
-Transfiguration: the change of appearance or form.
-Jesus took the three atop a mountain, and transfigured right before their eyes.
oGave them a vision of the risen Christ even before it happened.
-Jesus was the cause of the prophetic experience
-Peter, James, and John were faced with tremendous mysterium as they were struck with
fear and awe, prophetic experience
-Transfiguration: “his face shone like the sun , and his garments white as the light, behold
in front of them appeared Moses, and Elijah talking with him...a bright cloud
overshadowed them and voice called out saying, “this is my beloved son, who I am well
pleased with, listen to him.
-The meeting of Moses and Elijah represent the law and the prophets, and they recognize
and adore Jesus, as they talk about how his upcoming death and resurrection will fulfill
the laws and prophets.
-This experience enforces the fact that Jesus is the son of gods.
The second prophetic experience
-Jesus created a second prophetic experience by given the vision of the risen Christ to
Saul (Paul) in act 9
-Saul was the persecutor of Christians, and had never met Jesus when he was alive.
-As Saul was on this way to Damascus, he experienced the risen Christ.
oA light flashed in the clouds above, and Saul fell out. A voice said. “Saul, Saul,
why do you persecute me?and Saul said, “My lord who is this?and the voice
said, “Jesus, the one you are persecuting.
-Saul lost his vision and appetite for 3 days after his experience.
-His prophetic experience overpowers him, causing him to conver t.
-This experience is similar to the encounter of Moses with God at mount Sina i, which
caused his hair to turn white, and become aged.
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