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University of Toronto Mississauga
Sarianna Metso

RLG202: Introduction to Judaism Lec 4 Analytical responses to Primary Texts -Dr. Tyler Evans-Tokaryle www.utm.utoronto.caasc Room 390, UTM Library 905 828 3858 [email protected] What they are looking for from us: understand key critical terms ability to use the terms properly you are participating in a scholarly conversation when a phrase is repeated more than once you are ought to do this o Jewish self-understanding, though world and traditions Your writing should focus on what and more on how How the issues are represented in the litteratur under study How ezperts in their field differ in ther interpretations How for examples. A critical reading of Exodus 3-6 by scholar a differs from our reading which is informed by scholar B Why analysis of a primary source? Will develop your avility to: o understand main points of primary source o engage in close reading o select criteria for evaluating text what are you looking for a valued criteria is it explicable why this word and not this word o read critiacally to determine texts explicit or implied arguemtn o develop thesis and argument o write in clear and focused manner o situate test (put it in historical and cultural context) The Assignment Analyze o Not the same as study or interpret o Take something apart and show how it goes back together Develop an argument o Thesis statement: Mini thesis that provides a premise o Thesis driven analysis of a document Resources
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