Lecture 5

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Published on 6 Jan 2011
RLG202: Intro to Judaism
LEC 5 Oct 6, 2010
The dual torah
there are two types of torah
owritten torah recorded in the Tanak and
o“oral Torah
this came from the tules of the Fathers’)
only from the oral torah can the written Torah can the written torah
will be fully applicable
Ex: Sayings of the Fathers 1:1
Basis of the Jewish Law in the written torah
613 mitzvot, commandments given in the Torah
o248 positive (duties)
o365 negative (prohibitions)
jewish halakha is derived from the mitzvoth
olaws pertaining to religious practice, the way
The Mishna
Oral Torah Codified; promulgated by Rabbi Judah
Has 6 parts; comprises 63 tractates
oAgricultural laws
oFestival and Sabbath laws
oLaws pertaining to family and personal status
oTorts, damages, and civil law
oLaws pertaining to sanctuary
A commentary to the Mishnah
Two Talmuds (Palestinian and Babylonian)
oPalestinian is Older
oBabylonian Talmud was debated and studied before released
Mishnah + Gemara = Talmud
oAnother layer of interpretation of mishna
How Mishna and Gemara Differ
mishnah comments only in halakha (rules pertaining to religious
Gemara: discuss both halakhah and aggadah
Halakha - rules pertaining to religious practice
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