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The dual torah there are two types of torah: written torah recorded in the tanak and, oral torah this came from the tules of the fathers") only from the oral torah can the written torah can the written torah will be fully applicable. Basis of the jewish law in the written torah. 613 mitzvot, commandments given in the torah: 248 positive (duties, 365 negative (prohibitions) jewish halakha is derived from the mitzvoth, laws pertaining to religious practice, the way . oral torah codified; promulgated by rabbi judah. has 6 parts; comprises 63 tractates: agricultural laws, festival and sabbath laws, laws pertaining to family and personal status, torts, damages, and civil law, laws pertaining to sanctuary. two talmuds (palestinian and babylonian: palestinian is older, babylonian talmud was debated and studied before released. mishnah + gemara = talmud: another layer of interpretation of mishna. mishnah comments only in halakha (rules pertaining to religious practice)

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