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Lecture 7 Study Notes

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Sarianna Metso
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October 19, 2010
First Analysis return
1. distinguishing historical issues and literary content
movie vs historical issue
bible is like a movie is there a historical content to it?
The relation between history and literature is tenuous
2. Distinguishing history, theology, and homiletics
theological/homiletical questions ( the wrong questions):
owhat do we learn about God in the text?
Historical question (the right questions):
oWhat did this mean back then
oWhat was the significance of this to the original audience? How
about subsequent generations?
3. Finding appropriate sources
Sources that deal with historical issues
4. Dont meld of what happens before is the same now
do not assume this
Forming an Argument: you have something to say about something
1. Subject Matter
primary text
2. Topic
specific issue or aspect of the text
osomething strange
oa problem
oa historical issue
3. Argument
what is said about that topic
Jewish Movements
oEmphasize reason than revelation
oStressed human reason
oConfidence in human progress, brought profound change
oIn central Wurope known as Haskalah
oGhetto derived from a term ghetto, a venetian origin, (canon
factory) in Venice
Moses Mendelssohn
oMost influential early reformer
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