RLG204H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Islamic Culture, Great Tribulation, Political Philosophy

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Rlg204 - introduction to islam. Lecture 1: january 4, 2011. Principle: if they are muslim they believe in these things: allah, muhhamad. Issue: only god can judge, not other muslims can judge other muslims: results. Islam: in muhhamad we should find out. God is watching you. You have support from god. In decision making: both sides is haram, its not easy to follow. God only knows the decision making of the person. Terms: haram, halal, day of judgment, belief in god, prophecy to be islam, haddit and sunna, hijab. Why is islam important today: the security issue in western society media portrays it this way / They should find out a solution for this issue. Option: change the beliefs of islam. How do you know how much of a muslim of a person is. What are your criteria. Measurement of interest: second issue: issue of oil / energy issue. They have 65% of the energy of the world.

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