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RLG204 - Haghighi - One year worth of Notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Alireza Haghighi

RLG204 - Introduction to Islam Lecture 1: January 4, 2011 - Principle: if they are Muslim they believe in these things: o Allah o Muhhamad o Judgment - 3 stages: o Philosophy o Function Example of muslim gay or lesbian? Issue: only God can judge, not other muslims can judge other muslims o Results - Islam: o In Muhhamad we should find out Philosophy Function Result o Ex: What is the result in believing in God? God is watching you You have support from God Obligation to God Different perspective of thing with God o Special occasions with Sin? What if a man says to a woman, have sex with me or I will kill your child, what should the woman do? Sex: because you have to protect your child Sex; there is a special occasion because its a higher option and Allah would be your Judge Not sex: because you have to follow God In decision making: both sides is Haram, its not easy to follow Question of tragic option Any order or Islamic law, you can ignore it Ex: drink alcohol because it is good for you Ex 2: go abort kid for the mothers sake God only knows the decision making of the person o Issue: Reason Decision Making Violence - Terms o Haram o Halal o Day of Judgment, Belief in God, Prophecy To be Islam o Haddit and Sunna o Hijab The Actual Lecture: - Why is Islam important today? o The Security Issue in Western society Media portrays it this way / Security threat worldwide They should find out a solution for this issue Option: Change the beliefs of Islam In the Western Society: How would you have solution for this security? Dialect solution War solution Cultural solution You have combination you cannot solve this issue o Issue of How much of a Muslim are you? How do you know how much of a Muslim of a person is What are your criteria Measurement of Interest o Second issue: Issue of Oil / Energy Issue They have 65% of the energy of the World Persian Regions: who controls this Oil? o Third: Islam is a civilization / As a cultural identity for Muslims in the Western Islam has art, history, civilization Clash of Civilization Western Civilization can integrate with 7 other civilization BUT NOT Islam o As a contender for power in Islamic countries Islam is a religion that claims for POWER o As a major political movement o As a religion and a civilization o As a moral source for meaning of life - Historically Islam has played a significant role in the development of certain aspects of another civilization, especially Western civilization - In the English language as the study of Islam by so-called experts is strongly colored by various prejudices and ideological biases - Four portrait of Islam in western society - The teachings of islam in a manner comprehensible Westerners. Nedless to say, during this period there ___ appread a large number of completely modernized Muslim writers who wrote about Islam not from within Islamic woorldview, but form the point of view of the ever changing categories of modern and, more recently post modern western thought - Issue of Same and other (this related to power) o Other threat to power - Difficulty in studying Islam: o The ambiguity inherent in every religion o The problem of politics o The problem of Islamophobia (especially after 9/11) Islamophobia: hatred towards a person just because he/she is a Muslim Being proud of Islamophobia is doubly Islamophobic o Tribulation loyalty to your tribe What is the Godfather relation The LOYALTY If you link with other tribes, you will be a traitor Its tribe interest The issue of Revenge Use violence in your business And Revenge The war is a business, a way of Life They dont think they have another type of life Violence is part of life They cannot live without violence They mobilize with their tribe They go to church / believe in islam so they have an ideology of life to support their tribulation Social, political, ideology, relation Lecture 2 January 11, 2011 Social Relations - tribe thing - war and trade - Politics Religion Mohammad faced 3 crisis: - 1. social crisis o they used to fight for their family, revenge, tribe o they need money, dont matter how they get it - 2. Political crisis o the political leaders they are going to say I dont care o they dont care about they peoples feelings o dictatorshup - 3. Religious crisis o issue of hypocrisy o religion is based on interest not on love, or the actualt religion o message of Islam has no hypocrisy (When Muhammad changed it) - Jahilya journal o Growing ignorance o Idolatry (political relations) o Philosophy of life in this article (political relations) Fatalism People in society they dont care about the future They think that this is the life that they have, their
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