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University of Toronto Mississauga
Alireza Haghighi

What are the achievements and consequenes of the peace of al hudaibiyya 6 years after Prop Mu was in medina he made an attempt for pilgrimage at Mecca Quraish found out and used force to take him out of Mecca, Prop Mu (SWS) left and went to a place called Al hudaibiyya where his companions made promise of loyalty to him…there the men came up with a peaceful agreement of a peace treaty allowing Muslims to pilgrimage at mecca for 3 nights but they cannot do the pilgrimage that year.—this was the greatest victory for islam—2 years of the treaty was broken by th some tribe allies of the Quraish + oasis of khadybar taken10 year of Hijjra—it was prop Mu last pilgrimage where he delivered his las speech: remember every muslims is a muslim’s brother” Desctibe the five pillars of iman mentioned in the quran and the five pillars of was wotded differently though Describe the meaning, philpsophy and connection of both tawhid and the day of judgement The Final Judgment th  4 doctorine  the doctrine of a final judgement of humankind is a corollary to the doctorine of tawhid for it reveals the moral nature of God in relation to his creation  The judgment is the test of tawhid but the divine unity both precedes and subsists beyond the last things  Those faithful devotees of God and his true religion not only survive but also emphatically triumph on the Judgement Day, because they are included within the divine scheme of salvation and reward Describe what the queen says about 5 doctrine of imaan and pillars of Islam Tawheed/Tauhid -Muslims have to surren-der to Allah from the bottom of heart, soul and mind -those who are busy in worldly things and neglect religious duties will have divine punishment Describe the problems/challenges prop Mu went thru in early prophethood in Mecca and Madina -called Mahomet= devil in scottish think that he represents some sort of idol for Muslims to worship OPP of Islam Beliefs ignores any kind of idol worshiping -islam= he was seen as human being + servant of one and only God -Prophet Mu= born in 570 in south Arabia =-stone + caves= baraka= blessing powers Mecca= stone cult-- > annual pilgrimage trade centre + market  hosted by Quraysh+ visited by Bedouins b4 islam= there was no religious consequences + Jahilliya= time of ignorance  did not belief in any religion bravery, hostilitiy
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