RLG204H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tawhid, Taqwa, Sharia

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12 Mar 2018
Week 3-
Esposito, the straight path reading:
The Quran is the direct word of Allah that was sent to prophet Muhammad for all mankind.
It has 6000 verses and 144 chapters
The previous books got corrupted. The Quran does not reject the books but clarifies and
corrects them.
The Quran is preserved by Allah. It’s in Arabic. It’s a Guidance and mercy sent by Allah
Islam is not a new religion but a new scripture.
Allah appears 2500 times in the Quran.
Major teaching of the Quran is Tawhid. Oneness of Allah. The merciful the most
Muslim means the one who submits or surrenders to God.
Allah govern the three realms : Heaven Earth and Hell.
Angels as links between God and human beings
Jinns will be also judged on the Day of Judgment. They are made of fire. Can be good or bad.
Humans are made of earth and were asked be bowed down to by the angels. Iblis (satan)
Adam was tempted by the devil not Eve. Women are not shown as evil. Adam and eve
committed their own sin.
Repentance is just remembering and submitting yourself to God.
Taqwa self-protection or fear of god
Preaching is a Muslim’s duty.
Common faith ties the muslims together not tribes or family
Muslims are not only have the faith but to apply to their personal and social affairs.
Right of women and orphans are mentioned in the Quran.
Belief in the day of Judgment. Heaven or Hell according to everyone’s individual the deed
Shariah is God’s law for all of Islamic community.
Breaking the law is a transgression against God and society. It’s a sin and crime.
Shariah categorized in 2 groups duties to God (ritual observances) duties to others (social
5 Pillars of Islam
1. Shahdah the profession of faith. Proclaiming Tawhid and faith in Muhammad as last
messenger of God.
2. Prayer 5 times a day. Communication with God.
3. Zakat- Charity. Duty to attend social welfare by addressing economic inequality. 2.5 % of
your wealth.
4. Fasting- abstinence from food drink and sexual desire in Ramadan from sunrise to sunset.
Teaches spiritual discipline.
5. Pilgrimage (Hajj) financially and physically fit adult muslims are obligated to this ince in
their life time .
Jihad is to strive or to struggle. Fight in the way of Allah but do not transgress. Those who
transgress against you respond with kindness. If enemy inclines towards peace than you should
too seek peace.
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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