RLG204H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sayyid Qutb, Mind Control

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12 Mar 2018
Week 8: What is Jihad? Summaries
- Sayyid Qutb:
- The idea of Jihad as “Defensive war” as said by many defeatist individuals does not
compute a logical statement. Jihad is not by any means a type of modern warfare. It is, by
what Islam decrees it to be, a strive in the way of god.
- The very nature of Islam calls for the abolishment of man made laws and the enforcement
of divine law, this is the only way to establish God’s dominion on Earth, you must
completely put an end to the domain of Man and establish the all Mighty’s. Important to
note, humankind will not give up their dominance merely through preaching, if that was
the case, historical evidence would reveal that the spread of any religion would of been
an easier task than what was said to be.
- The only way to understand “Jihad-Bil-Saif” physical jihad, we must understand the
requirement of the divine law to supersede any man made laws that subjugate and enslave
a man beneath other men. The only allowable enslavement should be a person obeying
his/her creator.
- AbdulAziz:
- After 9/11 many NA Muslims realized there are extreme views in regions of Asia and
Middle East that preached a secluded Islam, one that only cared about upholding Islam’s
“purity.” These preachers backlashed and named the ones who were against this form of
extremism, “enemies of Islam”. These extremist individuals who claim to be well-versed
in the religion are usually charismatic leaders able to recruit people to their less than
democratic views.
- There are, however, well versed Islamic leaders who fully agree with democratic views
and are ready in anyway possible to help the general public achieve the proper
understanding of Islam. In fact, the very people who need to be actively and
progressively changing the Western ideology of Islam, which ironically enough is quite
similar to what extremists think Islam is, are the Muslims living in Western civilization
and Europe.
- A big portion of radical views and the brainwashing of normal everyday Muslims to
adopt a fundamental approach to Islam is found in Islamic gatherings and seminars. Most
of which preach a mutated version of the religion inspiring violence and intolerance.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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