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University of Toronto Mississauga
Alireza Haghighi

Week 1Geographic aspects of Arabiamainly rockdesert coastal regions had many important ports for trade routes tribal society surrounded by the ByzantinePersian Empiresthe main sources of livelihood herding agriculture tradetribal warsthe social orgidentity rooted in membership in an extended familyoa grouping of several families created a clanoa grouping of several clans constituted a tribeno written laws the threat of revenge was presentAsabiyyaGroup loyalty was crucialmade up the unwritten laws jahiliya Religion of this societyWorshipped many gods the spirits of those gods were associated w stone springswellsKaba was the central shrine for godsValue systemmanliness bravery in battles loyalty to familyprotection of its members hospitality patiencepersistence The preservation of familytribal honorWhy was this time period called jahiliyalack of tawhid monotheism vs polytheism characterized by fatalism no afterlife no resurrection do divine recordspunishmentsextreme inequality btw menwomen Femicid was widely practicedknown as the age of ignoranceClass difference social hierarchy huge gap btw slaves master classes Legal system fear of losing family honorfear of more powerful familiesConclusionthe preIslamic Arabia was a society in whichocities of MeccaMedina were prosperingoHuge class disparities existedoSociety was in dangerthreatened by these immoral practices when the Prophet was bornWeek 2Before ProphecyHe was an orphan an honest man lived humbly has a sensitive soulspiritual manstHis wife was the 1 Muslim was a financialmoralpolitical support for HimHe approached the Meccan society by being against their hypocrisyoTheir philosophy of life crude materialismFatalismoAgainst Femicide unjust treatment of orphanswidows etche believed that his society was in a theological crisis monotheism vs polyoin an economic social crisis social justices vs hierarchyoin moral crisis accountability vs fatalismhonesty vs hypocrisy Beginning of Revelationaround 610 AD Angel Gabriel appeared to the Prophet in Mt HiraHis method of spreading the msg of IslamoQuiet persuasion focused on close familyrelativesoFocused on simple rituals praying principles of Tawhid Prophecyday of judgmentoAfter 3 yrs he openly started to invite ppl to IslamoThis gave rise to fear amount elitesHis opponentstheir style of confrontationstoHis 1 enemy was his own uncle Abu Lahabhis wife then tribal leadersoThey used bribery persecution assassination plansboycotted his tribeoThis led the Prophet to expand beyond MeccaHijra622 AD Muslim community Umma came into beingNegotiations w Medina delegatessent a convoy to NegusAfter Prophecyhis achievements in Medina included unifying 2 enemy tribes in MedinastDrafted the 1 Islamic constitution regulated relationships w JewsChristiansChallenges the Hypocrites attempted to conquer Mecca conquered it BadiUhud warsMade peace w MeccansWeek 3 the Quranas the book of God Kitab alAllahas the word of God KalamallahAs the book114 Suras arranged in order of length descendingEach Sura is divided into Ayas 6236It was revealed in about 22 yearsstZayd Ibn Thabit 1 person to collect itOrientalist Viewcriticize it by saying that the format is frustratingbelievers reply the ordering of chapters were divinely inspiredenables the believer to start anywhere in the test5 Major teachingsAllahhis lawsThe Quranic UniverseThe Muslim CommunityThe final judgmentThe path to paradiseThe previous prophetsThe Quranic universe3 realms heaven earth hellWorld inhabited by human beings spirits angelslink btw godhumansJinn btw humansangels created from fireShaytan principle of evil
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