Difference between Shia and Suni

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Alireza Haghighi

Sunnism Commonalities Shiaism Theology Asharites Allahs unity and mission Mutazalies of Muhammad Adds at the end of the Conform under the rule shahada that and Ali is of One God the friend of Allah Believe in true caliph, True Caliph - Ali ibn-Talib Abu Bakr Leadership Against centralized rule No centralized authority Religious authority is Resides in the prophet, rooted in community the twelve Imams and through Ijma Ulama Imamate Ali, Fatima and prophets Twelve imams are not grandsons created from dust but columms of divine light Imams are like the prophet in that they are able to create miracles They are infalliable, protected by Allah from sin and error See shirk only as those Denying of the Imams is who worship someone Shirk other than Allah Family Law Recognizes third marriage: temporary marriage (mutah) Children who are born from Mutah marriage are legitimate More restrictions on mens privileges to divorce their wives www.notesolution.com
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