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Difference between Mutazalite and Asharite

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Alireza Haghighi

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after prophet's death, question of the leadership of the community became a factor
between Ali (4th Caliph) and the governor of Syria
people started going to war for own personal interest
wars are for God and not materialistic aims
question of membership in the Umma; "who is a true Muslim" and who has the right to
rule the Muslim community?
Kharajite (secessionists)
activists and rebels, most extreme formulation of who a true muslim is
for Kharijites, it was not enough to believe in Tawhid, the Quran and the Prophet
faith and action must correspond
unbeliever is someone whose action is against Islam
very strict interpretation of who is a sinner; whoever is kafir or mushrik and they
deserved the worse punishment, that is to be expelled from the Muslim community
what are grave sins? anything from polytheism to crimes of fornication and theft
traditionalists said that the readiness with which the Kharijite were prepared to
announce taker against someone was totally wrong. they were basically creating a
judgement day on earth and they were taking actions and role of Allah
Prophet said: whoever has Tawhid must not be molested, a person who committed a sin
must not be labelled as kafir and a commission of some act, one cannot be
excommunicated from Islam.
The Kharajites answer to the question shocked the community and they were thinking
about okay well what is the real definition of who is a believer. this created debates and
writings on this theology.
Murjites: suspension of judgement
response to the Kharijites
argued that a person could only be judged as a kafir or believer by Allah and no one
else had the right to do so
1.tasdiq: commitment to the truth by the heartHeart
2.iqrar: verbal confession of the truth by the tongue Language
3.Amal: acts of obedience or good works Action
they also accepted sinners as members of the community …. importance of works is
after the assent by the heart and verbal confession
Who is a Muslim?
has it in the heart about the Knowledge of Allah and his messengers
love for Allah and submission to Allah
Acknowledge the inner state verbally
These two schools had two positions on two completely different levels of extreme but
they were existing throughout the 3rd and 9th century. Murijites: how can the religion
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