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Alireza Haghighi

 Midterm Exam Question Directions: Part I is multiple choice in which you are required to circle the best answer.(5 POINTS) . Part II is true or false, please enter either true or false for each statement.(5 POINTS) Part III is short answer questions, please write 4-5 sentences maximum per question (please note you only have to answer 5 out of 7 in part 3). (15 POINTS). Lastly there is an extra credit question worth 2 points at the end of the midterm which you may attempt if you have any extra time Posted by:Alireza Haghighi Posted on : Tue, Feb 15, 2011  Midterm Review Guide Midterm Review Guide th The Midterm will be held during the first hour of class on Tuesday February 15 2011. The format will be a mix of multiple choice questions, true and false questions and short answer questions, and will be worth 25% of your final grade. Please refer to this guide for sample questions and a detailed list of the requirements. Materials to be Tested: th th · All of the required readings from weeks 1-7 (Jan 4 – Feb15 ) Format of Multiple Choice Questions: Sample from last semester‟s Midterm: 1) Historically, veiling has been practiced in which of the following religions? A) Islam B) Christianity C) Judaism D) All of the above E) None of the above Circle the correct answer on your response sheet. Please note you must always indicate the best answer and not just a correct answer. In the example above choices A, B and C are technically correct, but the best answer is D. Format of True or False Questions: 1) Pilgrimages to Mecca are a pre-Islamic practice that was spiritualized by Muslims TRUE FALSE Simply circle the best response. Format of Short Answer Questions: 1.Why did scholars insist on including chains of transmission in Hadith collections. For each of these questions you will have a limited amount of space and will have to write a short response. Your answers must be in complete sentences, you will not get credit for bullet point answers. A model answer for the question above would be: Because the sayings of the Prophet were not recorded in any systemic manner during his life, later collectors of the hadith needed a way to confirm the content of his sayings. As the character of the transmitters was an important way of authenticating what they said, the chain of transmission would provide a critical system of validation. Tips for Studying: · Make sure that you make a vocabulary sheet with the important terms in Arabic, and a list of names of famous persons from the texts. Multiple choice and T/F questions tend to be fact specific so will require you to know your information inside out. · Short answer questions test conceptual understanding, so we strongly recommend writing out questions for yourself and answering them. Working in a study group will help you with this area of the test. Week 1: Pre-Islamic Era (Jahiliya) Schimmel: 1-9 - For more than a millennium Islam seemed to be the major threat for the people of Europe. - Islam and those who confessed to being Muslims were regarded as arch enemies of Christianity and civilization. - This threat began with the conquest of Spain by the Arabs (beginning of 8 century) and it ended with the siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Turks (in 1683) - Islam is the only world religion that came into existence after Christianity, and so was unacceptable as a true religion. - The medieval European image of Islam is a distorted one: - Considered Muhammed (s.a.w.) to be a kind of “supreme God” and to speak of the adoration of his golden statues. - This misinterpretation is largely due to the lack of linguistic knowledge. (Islam is a religion that refuses idolatry and the prophet considered himself nothing but a human being, a servant of the one God). - Not
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