RLG205H5 Study Guide - Harappan Architecture, Upanishads, Mohenjo-Daro

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Published on 26 Oct 2011
Introduction to South Asian Religions
Grade Criteria
Question 1:
a. Development and expansion of Indus valley culture – consequence of population
growth – Mohenjo-Daro case – Harappan case (§.25)
b. Neolithic period and archeological evidence – cultural forces and influences (§.25)
c. Religion of the Indus valley – polity and linguistic affinity – Dravidian presence
indo-European linguistic family (§.27)
d. Harappan architecture – uniformity of urban planning – acropolis – temple
structures – diffusion of culture – imperial formation in South Asia (§.28)
e. Later Vedic religious developments – inscriptions on Pasupati – Aryan culture and
proto-Saiva speculations – iconic suggestions (§.29)
f. Historic continuities of religion – relation with reminiscence of mesapotamia –
female deities (§.30)
g. Aryans – introduction – two main theories – concept of aryavarta predominance of
Aryan over Dravidian – migration myth in the indological discourse – cultural
transformations – Shaffer’s argument – migration theory reconsidered (§.31-33)
Question 2:
a. Renunciation – conceptualization – introduction – upanisad-s and Vedanta relation
– etymological derivation (§.83)
b. Knowledge-action dichotomy – meaning of srauta ritual – upanisadic theorization of
ritual (§.83)
c. Pranava and prana-agnihotra ritual system from the Brahmana-s – Brahman as a
concept – Uddalaka’s philosophical delineation (§.84-85)
d. Action and renunciation – origins of samsara and actions – relation to jaina-s –
Brhadarankaya position (§.86)
e. Orthogenetic theory – asrama and renunciation (§.87-88)
f. Louis Dumont’s argument – man-in-the-world – social actors’ (§.88-89)
g. Olivelle’s position (§.89)
3) Describe the major features and classifications of the Purāṇas. What is their subject
matter? How are they significant narrative texts?
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