Buddhism in Tibet

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Cary Takagaki

Buddhisms reception and reasons for its acceptance in TibetBuddhism in TibetWhen Buddhism came to Tibet they didnt have a writing system and they werent as civilized and did not have much technology either when they accepted Buddhism they got more advanced and got a writing system which used Sanskrit as a modelTibet in Buddhismwhen Buddhism first came to Tibet Tibetans werent interested in Buddhism because they already had their own traditions but then the tantric rituals were similar to their religion that they adapted Buddhism The King of Nepal adapted Buddhism because his 2 wives were Buddhist Plus Tibet didnt have a written language and Buddhism had Sanskrit Buddhism brought technology to TibetDalai Lama Dalai ocean Lama wisdom Avalokitevara is a lord who looks down He is the boshisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas He is the most widely revered bodhisattva in Buddhism They also use a prayer wheel which spins and has a sutra in it so if you spin it you get a merit of saying the sutras so lay people achieve some extra merit through this prayer wheel lay people dont have acess to all things so they can use this
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