Buddhism's reception, and reasons for its acceptance in China, Japan, S.E. Asia, and the West

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Buddhism"s reception, and reasons for its acceptance china, japan, It was a trade route from china to the mediterranean. At that time only chinese knew how to make silk. Because the silk route passed through india, greco roman influence and art came in india and that is how the chinese go to know about. China had already gone through several dynasties. By the time the religion reached china, it was a very civilized country unlike tibet. India was far more sophisticated culturally than tibet and that is why the tibeten king songtsen gampo asked indian monks to give them a writing system as they didn"t have one using the sanskrit as a model. The chinese already had a writing system and much more and that is why it was easy for them to adopt the religion. China already had a writing system and much more, what could. They already had all the history and philosophy books, they didn"t need more.

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