RLG206H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sansha, Busshi, Golden Light Sutra

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6 Apr 2012
Lecture 8: buddhism in china, the pure land & chan schools
Pure land buddhism
Beginnings of pure land in china 5th century c.e
Bases its techings and practices on bliss sutra
Talks about ritual practice of Buddhism
Based upon 2 sutras bliss sutra and pure land sutra
Was developed in the late 2nd century c.e
The larger sukhavati vyuha (pure land sutra)
-the Buddha said to Ananda: In the distant past there was a king who heard the Buddha and he was
awakened to the desire of enlightenment
He gave up his throne to be become a monk named dhamakara
In the pure land sutra the king says when he becomes a Buddha he will create a cosmic heaven and all
extensions of beings
The king mkes 48 vows but of them 3 are important to us 1, 2 and 18
1.when he attains Buddha-hood or enlightenment there will be no hungry spirits animal or hell
2. in his paradise, people cannot fall backwards. If humans do fall back he will not take perfect
18. *most important vow*
All you need to do is call my name ten times and you will be brought into my paradise
Ananda asks the Buddha what happened to the guy?
Buddha replies that he became a Buddha and now lives in paradise far away to the west
His paradise is called the land of bliss
Amitabha-omito Fo- Pure Land-Western Paradise
-Amitabha is a contemplation Buddha welcoming people to his pure land
-pure land surrounded by other buddhas and bodhisattvas
-call on his name ten times (18th vow) which gurantees that you will reach nirvana as opposed to
samsara which takes longer
-beautiful paradise of humans and buddhas
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-no lower life forms
-birds in the paradise?= lower life forms, no created by Buddha magically in order to preach the dharma
to Buddha
-there are a lot of buddhas in the pureland and they all have the 32 primary marks of a great man
-visualize food and you will feel as if you are already eating it
-no bad feelings of sadness etc in the pure lands
-this is not nirvana but once you are here you only need a few more lifetimes in order to reach nirvana
38. there are no women in the pure land. The women who come int the pure land will be reborn men
-reborn into a lotus flower because there are not women
The recitation of the name of amitabha Buddha
No-mi ami-to-f0 hail to the homage of amitabha Buddha
Ta-li-tarki-other power ; dependence on other powers rather than ones own (tsu-li)
Because of the 18th vow counting on other powers
It is believed that the amitabha Buddha is full of compassion and good merit and therefore he is
ale to transfer you into the pure land, he takes it upon himself on the 18th vow in order to bring
everyone into the pure land
Meditation School (dhyana)
-chan (Chinese)
-zen (Japanese)
-names imply these schools are based on meditation
-Mahakasyapa understoof what the Buddha meant without talking
-teaching is not passed down by books but through disciples
-enlightenment is sudden if you don’t have it you dont have it but once you do it hits you
-complete understanding = eg. Passion fruit
-a scripture outside your nature the experience is sudden
The 28th patriarch of chan in India and the 1st patriarch of chan in china
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