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14 Apr 2012
Exam key terms
1. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
famous and influential ascetic philosopher of 20th century
known as innovative reinterpreted Buddhist doctrine
fostered a reformation in conventional religious perceptions in his home country Thailand
social activist
sought to explain Buddhist teachings through other doctrines such as Zen, Tao, Hinduism,
Christianity, Islam and natural science
2. kokubunji
the nara period of 710-794 was the rise of state of Buddhism
Buddhism was used for the benefit of the state
In 741 emperor shomu orders the establishment of kokubunji- a system of temples in every
3. The tooth relic
In sri lanka the population of individuals were redominantly Buddhist
One of the great relics in sri lanka is the tooth relic of the Buddha
Paraded around the city once in a while
The sacred relic of the tooth of the Buddha is venerated in sri lanka as a relic of the founder of
4. Honji-Suijaku
The term in Japanese religious terminology
Refers to theory that states that some kami are in fact just manifestations of the Buddhist
Two entities form an invisible whole called gongen and in theory should have equal standing
During the kamakura period it was proposed that the kami were the original dieties and the
Buddha is their manifestation
Shinto and Buddhist syncretism
5. Maha Ghosananda
Highly revered Cambodian Buddhist monk in the Theravada tradition who served as the patriarch of
Cambodian Buddhism
During the khmer rouge period ( project to return to year zero)
Pol pot denounced Buddhist monks as useless pariah
They were targeted for brutal treatment and even murdered
Maha ghosananda left his forest hermitage in Thailand and went down to the refugee cams near the
thai-cambodian borders to begin ministering to the first refugees
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