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Cary Takagaki

Buddhism in the West 1 Buddhism in the West Insert Name Here Insert Affiliation Here Buddhism in the West 2 Buddhism in the West This research report aims to comprehensively explain then phenomenon of Buddhism in the West from its inception underlying beliefs and its spread throughout the world during different historical eras finally cumulating with its effect on contemporary Western society Our thesis statement is Have the rest of the Eastern religions affected the West as strongly as Buddhism has Buddhism is a faith and way of life encircling an assortment of customs practices and beliefs fundamentally grounded in the wisdom accredited to Siddhartha Gautama popularly recognized as the Buddha He resided and spread his knowledge in the eastern division of the Indian subcontinent approximately in the fourth and sixth centuries BC Acknowledged by his followers as a progressive instructor he shared his understanding to assist conscious beings in eradicating unawareness of dependent initiation and sunyata Encyclopedia Britannica Whilst Buddhism continues to be the most accepted inside the Asian region both its divisions are at the moment prevalent all over the globe A guess of Buddhists all over the world show a considerable discrepancy reliant on the technique Buddhist devotion is defined Lesser approximations are in the range of 350 to 500 million followers Geography Church StatisticsIn the learning of comparative beliefs the East Asian faiths structure a division of the Far Eastern religions This collection comprises of Chondogyo Chen Tao Caodaism Hoahaoism rudiments of Mahayana Buddhism Shinto Taoism Jeungism IKuan Tao and Confucianism These customs or spiritual viewpoints center on the East Asian thought of Tao The position of East Asian faiths amid other mainstream spiritual groupings can be likened to the Abrahamic and Indian religions Stephen Sharot
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