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RLG206 Sept 15th 2010Buddhism Buddhist BuddhaEtymologySanskrit root BudhTa the awakened oneProper name GautamaTitlesSakyamunisage of the sakyasSiddharthathe one who has accomplished the goalThe Buddhathe awakened onethth1318 centuriesbuddoo Bouddha BoudhouEuropean contact with asian customs created the above terms and referencesThe concept of Buddhism was found leading to the understanding of Dharma teachingsBuddhism in itself is established through european creationSpence hardyCreated a book with a negative view of Buddhism inferior to ChristianityNot seen as par with ChristianityLater Buddhism was seen as a religion The light of asia londonSanskrit and paliOverview of the Sanskrit languagehistory of sanskritIndo euopean language familyOne of the largest languages families in the worldincludes most of the languages of europeProto indoEuropeanThe European discovery of SanskritBegan in the 1600sThe pali canonThe 3 baskets pitakaVinaya pitakaRules for the monastic community samghaRules are preceded by stories about their originsSutta pitakaDiscoursesBetween the Buddha and a discipleSutta paliSutra sanskritAbhidharmma pitakabeyond the dhammapalisanskritdharma Systematic philosophical expositions on mind cognition cosmos liberation karma etcThree characteristics of existence1Transitoriness anitya of all phenomena1Suffering duhkha a pervasive experience1Insubstantiality anatman there is no permanent soul or substance no universalsThese are the main ideas and concepts found in Buddhist text which became popularThrough reading Buddhist text there was an interest in these new traditions that were compared between philosophical and a scientific thought to a worshiping thought of religionEuropeans felt that they should be protectors or curators of the Buddhism tradition Themes in the courseEncountersThe study of BuddhismProblemsThe search for origins purity historical reality cohesivenessThe diversity of Buddhism or BuddhismsSept 22 Who or what is a BuddhistNative VS convert VS nighttable BuddhistsNativeborn with the religion Convertbecoming or calling themselves Buddhist through conversion or through a new interest of the religionNighttablepeople who have an interest in Buddhism but arent convertedScholars VS practitioners VS scholarpractitionersScholarsnon Buddhist who practicesPractitionerconvert or believer who practicesScholarpractitionerCritics VS ApologistsTo ambiguate or disambiguateStudying BuddhismBoundariesIndia Hinduism Jainism etcAs a topic within the humanitiessocial sciencessciencesCritical approaches vs proving buddhismSept 29No lecture notesthOct 6DhammacakkappavattanaSetting the wheel of Dhamma in MotionStymologyDhamma skt dharmateachingsCakka skt ckrawheelDhammacakkawheel od dharma eg the Buddhas teachingsPavattana skt This is the Buddhas first sermon after becoming enlightened It is taught to five ascetics who become the first members of the Buddhas community sanghaCommon bio DetailsBorn in a town called lumbini near the capital of the kingdom of kapilavastuA prince of the sakya clanHis father was suddhodana member of the kshatriya class a king or perhaps lesser rulers
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