RLG207H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Gotra, Khatri, Dharma

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11 Feb 2016
Chapter 10: Ethics
Basis – ethics are related to one’s whole life
Traditional ethical issues – family (going against family values), teacher disrespect etc.
community service
- Leads to Spiritual development or liberation
- One who denies, can’t be a gurmukh (god-oriented)
- Gurdwaras are for teaching the practice of seva
Rejection of discrimination
no discrimination on any grounds in sikh panth
- no caste system
Jati – birth (status inherited from father) – endogamous – members marry within group
- jati’s positional place is determined by occupation
- Within a jati (zat), there are gotras (exogamous kinships) recognizable by
- Guru Nanak was Khatri (jati), and bedi (gotra)
- The sikh principle was to give way to family expediency
- Recently India legalized cross-zat mariages
- Gurus married within same zat
- In God’s sight, all are equal
God is accessible to all and all can teach his word
Women: male–female equality
All terms of God are masculine but bani (Guru’s hymns) is feminine
God is one and has no relationships; God is within us all
oGod enlightens human heart, not just of man or woman
oWomen are important – man’s salvation
oMata Sahib Kaur – initiated into Khalsa, provided patashas, sugar, for first amrit
oGuru’s aim was spiritual enlightenment for all, not social reform
oGirl is paraya dhan, property of other, like husband or father.
oIt is social attitudes that differ the role of women
Use of military force
War should be last resort
Martyrdom of Guru Arjan in 1606, Hargobind kept a standing army, but Gobind singh
created a formal army in 1699, aka Khalsa and pronounced dharam war, just war
Rules of war:
oWaged without hatred or revenge
oTerritory should not be annexed
oSoldiers must commit to cause, not prizes
oUse minimum force
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