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RLG208H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Saoshyant, Zoroastrianism, Achaemenid Empire

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Enrico Raffaelli
Study Guide

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On the final exam
The exam will include:
A) Three questions to answer in essay form, for 65 marks.
B) Five terms or concepts to define, for 35 marks.
To get a good mark you must study:
1) All the class notes and files mentioned below (available in the Portal, under “Course
Materials “Class notes and readings”).
2) In Jenny Rose. Zoroastrianism: An Introduction:
a) Pp. 823 of chapter 1 (from paragraph ‘Zoroastrianism then’ to paragraph ‘The
b) Chapter 2 (“The Ancient Persians: Truth-Tellers and Paradise-Builders,” pp. 31–
3) The Encyclopaedia Iranica articles mentioned below.
ON THE FIRST THREE QUESTIONS: questions 1 and 2 are worth 20 marks, question 3 is worth 25
marks. You will have to reply to these questions in an expanded form, writing as much as you
know about the topics, and trying to structure the answers clearly and in an organized way.
One of the questions will include a brief portion of one of the passages from the Pahlavi text
Bundahišn which are included in the file “Bundahishn.docx”
For question 3 you will have a choice between two questions.
The topics to deal with for questions 1, 2 and 3 will be three of the following ones:
1- Zoroaster’s message.
2- Zoroastrianism under the Achaemenids.
3- Zoroastrian cosmic history.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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