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RLG332H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: OuterspacePremium

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Tenzan Eaghll
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Notes on Alien July 27, 2016
Movie starts off with a little filler describing the ship
Ominous shots of the sips interior
There is a little water bobble head
There are moving scenes of the quietness of the sip with a spooky music that follows it
The ship is called the nostromo
The ships computer starts to display weird stuff and the relfection is shown in front of a helmet
Thre is a ship bay door that opens and a gust of wind blows in
oZoom in the open cooridor and we see pods with people inside it
oIt opens the pods and people begin to wake up
They all slowly wake up and begin to eat from the cryostsis
The amount of woman compred to men is super low
There is an orange cat
“only thing good thing on the ship is coffee”
One of the member goes into the hull with the computer called mother
The ship is guided by space by the ship rather than knowing where you are going
Mother decided to stop the ship mid way through to home and said that there is a transmission
that stopped the ship
oUnknown origins is the location of the transmission
oThey approach the planet
oThey each have their own agendas just like the cowboys
The ship disembarks and travels to the mysterious planet
They slowly drop on the planet with a risk of killing everyone in the ship atleast for the good of
the mission
They seemed like they were in control, but have a bumpy landing realizing that there is a danger
to space exploration
The divine feminine is a dangerous and vast plane with minimal to no supervision
The woman are shown in a positive and independent light to instigate the inconqorableness of
They find a treasure in the divine feminine of space, but as they get closer they lose sight of the
real mission since they need to get close
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