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RLG332H5 Final: Notes about Alien

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Tenzan Eaghll

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Notes on Alien July 27, 2016 • Movie starts off with a little filler describing the ship • Ominous shots of the sips interior • There is a little water bobble head • There are moving scenes of the quietness of the sip with a spooky music that follows it • The ship is called the nostromo • The ships computer starts to display weird stuff and the relfection is shown in front of a helmet • Thre is a ship bay door that opens and a gust of wind blows in o Zoom in the open cooridor and we see pods with people inside it o It opens the pods and people begin to wake up • They all slowly wake up and begin to eat from the cryostsis • The amount of woman compred to men is super low • There is an orange cat • “only thing good thing on the ship is coffee” • One of the member goes into the hull with the computer called mother • The ship is guided by space by the ship rather than knowing where you are going • Mother decided to stop the ship mid way through to home and said that there is a transmission that stopped the ship o Unknown origins is the location of the transmission o They approach the planet o They each have their own agendas just like the cowboys • The ship disembarks and travels to the mysterious planet • They slowly drop on the planet with a risk of killing everyone in the ship atleast for the good of the mission • They seemed like they were in control, but have a bumpy landing realizing that there is a danger to space exploration • The divine feminine is a dangerous and vast plane with minimal to no supervision • The woman are shown in a positive and independent light to instigate the inconqorableness of space • They find a treasure in the divine feminine of space, but as they get closer they lose sight of the real mission since they need to get close o In westerns the divine feminine is at the whim of the cowboys but in this film the cowboys are at the whim of the feminine, which is why they get devoured • They travel to this cave of wonders (the alien ship) and get to the hull and find a decesased body o The divine is now something they are unfamiliar with • The alien exploded from the inside • Mother deciphers that the SOS is a warning o The computer is there only supply of hope which is why it is called mother • The eggs are within the ship that explores space (the union of Gaia and Uranus) o Really exemplify the tag line of “in space no one can hear you scream” • Kane has a face sucker on him o The face sucker can represent the reliance of something in order to survive o How we need this unison in order to survive • The face sucker has a resistance to outside forces Notes on Alien July 27, 2016 o Its been evolved in a way that no human could ever be o This could be how we are nothing but dog food for the real dangers of space • There is a point where something falls down and scares ripley o This could represent the vulnerableness of any human that enters into s
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