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RLG332H5 Final: Notes about Blue Velvet

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Tenzan Eaghll

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Notes on Blue Velvet August 10, 2016 • The movie starts with someone getting a heart attack and a dog biting water and a song about blue velvet playing • Jeffery throws a rock while walking to see his dad at the hospital who is severely injured • Jeff picks up a severed ear and goes to detective Williams to give him the ear o They take it to forensics but they do not really know what to make of it o Jeff’s dad is the owner of a store • Jeffery takes a walk around the neighborhood and is asked if he would walk around Lincoln, says no o Zoom in on the ear and there’s an emptiness • Visits Detective John Williams to ask about the case cause he’s curious o Said he cant tell him anything about the case and Jeff says that he understands • Approached by a woman in the darkness who walks out and asks if he was the one who found the ear o The woman is the detecitives kid and tells him that the ear is this singers ear who lives in an apartment near his house • Child like curiosity motivates their actions the apartment is on Lincoln • Jeffery has a nice car and picks up Sandy from school o In a very nice car… • He takes her to a diner and says that they should sneak into the woman’s apartment and observe while in a closet o The dialogue is that religion gives us a very nice depiction of the world • Tells him that she is going to be a Jehovah’s witness- this is key o Jeffery convinces her to “join” his side • Dorothy lives on the seventh floor- 7 day the world was created or w.e • The music is quite and the tone is getting eary as he goes up • Gets inside of Dorothy’s room, and is let into a pink apartment o Some guy in a yellow suit comes out and she says its only a bug man • They drink beer and he says “to an interesting experience” • She sings about blue velvet • Jeffery decides to sneak in and she says that she’ll honk four times when Dorothy comes home • When he is in the room, it is much darker and the colors feel more washed out • He walks around and goes to the bathroom and urinates o He doesn’t hear the honks and then sees Dorothy return and Jimmy drops her off o She speaks with Frank who she calls sir, her son Don is kidnapped by Frank • She takes a picutres out from the couch and cries after looking at it • The film is shot at the view of the main character only watching the room, much of a moving camera o Jeffery makes a noise and Dorothy grabs a knife and finds him in the closet o She threatens him and said he’s just here to see him ▪ She tells him that she wants him to undress and Jeffery is obviously scared ▪ This is his first interaction with something sinister, she asks him what he wants and she begins to provide him oral sex Notes on Blue Velvet August 10, 2016 • She says not to touch him or look at him while she does it or she’ll kill him • They are about to go have it, and theres a knock on the door, Jeff goes back to the closet and watches her naked o She watches him as she is abused by some guy named Danny o He takes this weird drug from a gas mask and says mommy and cries in front of her Vagina • Basically in one scene Jeff sees sex, drugs, and violence happen right in front of him o He repeats that he does not want to be looked at when he does anything o He essentially proceeds to dry sex her and then beats her o Danny sees this while in the closet o He takes out a pair of scissors too, and Jeff gets a clue as to who he may be o She is wearing blue velvet, sings blue velvet and Frank says blue velvet to her before he proceeds to violate her • Jeff tries to comfort her after that event and she attempts to seduce him and tells him to hit her o She asks for help nd he leaves • Jeff has a dream bout all the events from last night • Sandy and Jeff meet again and he tells her what happened o “it is a strange world sandy” o Dorothy is married to Don and has a son. Frank has kidnapped the husband and son so he can have sexual favors o “you saw all that in one night, It is a strange world” • Begins to question the darkness of the world o Sandy explains her dream o A world with no robins of love and then all of a sudden there were a bunch of robins set free and brought a bunch of love o All this is said with organ music playing in t
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