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11 Aug 2016
Notes on Blue Velvet August 10, 2016
The movie starts with someone getting a heart attack and a dog biting water and a song about
blue velvet playing
Jeffery throws a rock while walking to see his dad at the hospital who is severely injured
Jeff picks up a severed ear and goes to detective Williams to give him the ear
oThey take it to forensics but they do not really know what to make of it
oJeff’s dad is the owner of a store
Jeffery takes a walk around the neighborhood and is asked if he would walk around Lincoln, says
oZoom in on the ear and there’s an emptiness
Visits Detective John Williams to ask about the case cause he’s curious
oSaid he cant tell him anything about the case and Jeff says that he understands
Approached by a woman in the darkness who walks out and asks if he was the one who found
the ear
oThe woman is the detecitives kid and tells him that the ear is this singers ear who lives in
an apartment near his house
Child like curiosity motivates their actions the apartment is on Lincoln
Jeffery has a nice car and picks up Sandy from school
oIn a very nice car…
He takes her to a diner and says that they should sneak into the woman’s apartment and
observe while in a closet
oThe dialogue is that religion gives us a very nice depiction of the world
Tells him that she is going to be a Jehovah’s witness- this is key
oJeffery convinces her to “join” his side
Dorothy lives on the seventh floor- 7th day the world was created or w.e
The music is quite and the tone is getting eary as he goes up
Gets inside of Dorothy’s room, and is let into a pink apartment
oSome guy in a yellow suit comes out and she says its only a bug man
They drink beer and he says “to an interesting experience”
She sings about blue velvet
Jeffery decides to sneak in and she says that she’ll honk four times when Dorothy comes home
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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