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Lecture 6: Cultural Sociology: Part 2 Notes (based on pdf of ppt slides) September 27 2012 S 1:  Test: know periods of time: distinguish b/n feudalism and capitalism, modernity and postmodernity S 2:  Culture is something that we learn. No one is born “Jamaican”, “irish”, etc. People are made into something through culture. It is constantly changing. S 3:  3 biases: o 2. No such thing as a pure culture. Every culture defines itself in relation to other cultures. o 3. People use culture to point out differences.  “Eat like the queen is coming to dinner” – there‟s a class basis in it. There‟s also a nationalist ethnicity involve with this quote: Monarchism (loyalty to the Queen of England). Video Clip: Talks about ethnic conflict in Northern Ireland. It‟s one of the most violent places in the world today. S 4:  The whole of Ireland was ruled by British for 700 years. After civil war against the British, the British finally released control over most of the Ireland. S 5:  Yellow, green - all became part of Ireland.  Purple part – stayed with Britain.  Red – went to Ireland.  Religion and ethnicity and culture tied together the 6 counties of Ulster. The majority religion was Protestant in this area. S6:  Unionists promote Great Britain (want to always be part of G.B.)  Nationalists want an independent Ireland  Gaelic (Irish language) has almost been „wiped out‟ due to the colonization of Ireland. The best way to colonize a culture is to take away their language.  In the north, unionists have dominated the political scene. They‟ve enforced the English lang
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