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Test #3 Review Guide

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Barry Green
Study Guide

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1.Durkheim had another word for society. It was Moral Order
Conscious Collective: refers to the shared beliefs and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within
Moral Strain
Social Solidarity
2.Durkheims 3 kinds of suicide
a.Anomic - integration is low ex. You lose your job and then you commit suicide
b.Egoistic - ex. You win the lottery, and you cant handle the freedom and
commit suicide
c.Altruistic -Excessive Integration. Sacrifice yourself for the group. Example
Kamikazes and people in the army think that they’re country is more
important than their own lives.
3.The 2 kinds of solidarity (Durkheim)
a.Mechanical (its cohesion and integration comes from the homogeneity of individuals—people
feel connected through similar work, educational and religious training, ) and Organic
(interdependence that arises from specialization of work and the complementarities between
people—a development which occurs in "modern" and "industrial" societies)
4.The dehumanizing character of social relations under capitalism is known as
Alienation (isolated from your group)
5. Inequality in social rewards based on individual differences in ability and effort
known as meritocracy
6.According to Marx, there are 3 basic characteristics of alienation: Alienation from
the product that the worker makes (they only put one part on at a time), alienation
from yourself (lose all sense of identity and human worth), and alienation from your
class (you are alienated from the people you work for. You go to work and the sleep
without communication). Alienation is caused by assembly line work
7.Marx argued there are 2 characterisitcs that would cause the fall of capitalism:
Economics of capitalism (also known as the theory of falling profit) and the end of
alienation (if everyone becomes unemployed they wont be alienated from each other
and will develop their own class)
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