SOC100H5 Final: Final Test Notes (chs. 14, 12, 11)

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15 Dec 2010
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SOC100H5 Full Course Notes
SOC100H5 Full Course Notes
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Max weber - a historian, sociologist, and philosopher who left an indelible mark on the philosophy of history and on social science methodology. Struggled to synthesize the very different intellectual traditions that were prevalent in. Weber tried to reconcile the commitment to notions of individual freedom and religious values with the apparently contradictory commitment to scientific study of human behaviour and to an emphasis on economic materialism in history. He tried also to reconcile the obvious commitment of all researchers to political goals and values with the demand of objectivity in social science research. It is the mark of weber"s brilliance that he was largely able to achieve these syntheses in his work. He sought out to synthesize the objective, empirical methods of the natural sciences with the intuitive aspects of the humanities nomothetic - law-like. Our actions determined not only by objective conditions and forces but by the subjective meanings that we attach to our actions.