SOC100H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Personal Rule, Charismatic Authority, Pierre Trudeau

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SOC100H5 Full Course Notes
SOC100H5 Full Course Notes
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His base of indentifying society is through meaningful rational social actions. I t means actions makes sense to yourself and others, and is therefore social. Social actions are action oriented towards others that the act maker attaches meaning to. Human beings act for a reason and therefore it is. Because they were fed up with the way they were treated. They wanted freedom and personal independence from the aristocrats (land owners). Problem: i t takes a lot of work to ask individuals why they did a certain action. Solution: he created a method of studying social action. He divided social actions into four basic types. Every action is associated with these forms: goal oriented actions, our actions are towards a goal: it is to accomplish something. Example: doing actions that focus on getting: a utm degree, promoted at work, award for charitable work, a favourite candidate win the elections.