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SOC100H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Personal Rule, Charismatic Authority, Pierre Trudeau

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Barry Green
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March 30, 2010
Max Weber
His base of indentifying society is through meaningful rational social
actions. It means actions makes sense to yourself and others, and is
therefore social. Social actions are action oriented towards others that the act
maker attaches meaning to. Human beings act for a reason and therefore it is
Example: Why did the French revolution happen? Why did the people want
to leave their masters/land owners in spite of the stable job?
Because they were fed up with the way they were treated. They
wanted freedom and personal independence from the aristocrats (land
Problem: It takes a lot of work to ask individuals why they did a certain
Solution: He created a method of studying social action. He divided social
actions into four basic types. Every action is associated with these forms:
1.Goal Oriented Actions:
Our actions are towards a goal: it is to accomplish something
Example: Doing actions that focus on getting: a UTM degree,
promoted at work, award for charitable work, a favourite candidate
win the elections
-Why is it social? Youre here because it is a connection between
now and your career
-Your career will define what your status and what your stand
point in the future and the rest of the society is going to be
2.Actions Oriented toward a Value:
We act on things that we consider as important
Example: Value of knowledge: I am here at UTM because I want a I
want good education
Value of helping others: Volunteering at a hospital
3.Action oriented towards Tradition:
We act according to what has been done over and over again
from a long time ago
It connects us to our heritage, makes us not feel left out
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