SOC100H5 Final: Key Terms from chapters 10 to 21 FOR TESTS AND EXAM PREP

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SOC100H5 Full Course Notes
SOC100H5 Full Course Notes
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Social stratification, social mobility, class system, caste system, meritocracy, relative poverty, absolute poverty, intragenerational social mobility, intergenerational social mobility. Global stratification, colonialism, modernization theory, dependency theory, high- middle- and low- income countries. Gender, gender stratification, gender roles, intersection theory, sexual harassment, feminism. Race, ethnicity, minority, majority, prejudice, r acism, stereotype, discrimination, pluralism, assimilation, segregation, genocide. & secondary labour markets, power, government, rational-legal authority, democracy, monarchy. Family, kinship, nuclear family, endogamy, polygamy, cohabitation, religion, r itual, animism, religiosity. Social stratification a system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy, so that some people have more money, power, and prestige than others. Social mobility a change in position within the social hierarchy. Caste system social stratification based on ascription or birth. Class system social stratification based on both birth and individual achievement. Meritocracy social stratification based on personal permit. Relative poverty the deprivation of some people in relation to those who have more.