SOC202H5 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Johann Gottfried Herder, Sociology Of Culture, Stop Sign

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25 Nov 2015

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Two perspectives on culture: traditional humanities (the best that has been thought and known) and social science perspective. Traditional humanities perspective- the best that has been thought and known etiquette (endorsed by the elites) ability to influence human behavior knowledge, science, beauty and technology (form of liberation) Argues that culture and civilization are two separate things, culture will bring harmony and. Matthew arnold- traditional humanities perspective on culture: culture educates people about. We"re like bee"s in the spider bee analogy. Max weber believed that science had limitation and culture expanded these boundaries. Weber and arnold believe that culture is separate from everyday life in society and has immense. Lions guarding chicago and looting art and archaeological digs in iraq. Defines culture as a way of life. E. b tylor (culture and civilization is a complex whole w/ knowledge, belief, art, moral acquired by.